Pattern & Symmetry by Mohawk Group

Latest Living Product collection exudes warm, nostalgic visuals

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Pattern & Symmetry by Mohawk Group
16/06/2020 - The Pattern & Symmetry woven carpet collection offers a fresh, contemporary take on plaid in two scales. The collection is Mohawk Group’s latest woven Living Product and features precise and tailored linear flat weaves evocative of textiles manufactured for fashion. Pattern & Symmetry is comprised of transitional styles for all types of contract spaces with beautiful graphic plaid patterns in monochromatic tones.

Collection style Rustic Plaid has a bold graphic owing to the construction methods of the weaving loom, where linear patterns are rendered with clarity and precision. Coordinating Patterned Past has an understated design featuring a gridded mesh-like pattern with overlapping lines and pin dots. Inspired by tailored textiles for men’s and women’s clothing of the 20th century, these timeless plaids are impeccably reimagined for today’s commercial interiors.

Woven construction is the oldest method of producing textiles. Pattern & Symmetry celebrates the time-honored woven carpeting heritage of Mohawk Group’s Karastan mill in Eden, North Carolina, which has been in operation for more than nine decades. Within the manufacturing process that takes place inside its storied walls, pile yarns are intricately interlaced into the foundation of the carpet. Weaving creates a structure whereby backing and face yarns become one, delivering a hardy construction denser than traditional soft surfaces.

Red List-free Pattern & Symmetry styles feature Mohawk Group’s award-winning yarn system, Heathered Hues. Its texture and blending provide a variegated wool-like appearance as the manufacturer’s most natural-looking nylon yarn to date. The innovative system is dematerialized for a low environmental impact and no water is used in its production. In addition to a wall-to-wall installation, all styles can be bound into floating area rugs to inject warmth and define spaces in commercial interiors.

Through innovations in materials, manufacturing and community involvement initiatives, Pattern & Symmetry has met the stringent requirements of Living Product Challenge Petal Certification. The Living Product Challenge is a certification program, advocacy tool and philosophy created by the International Living Future Institute and defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in product manufacturing today. In using this framework, Mohawk Group ensures that its Living Products have a net positive impact for people and the environment.Pattern & Symmetry by Mohawk Group

Pattern & Symmetry by Mohawk Group

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