Performance In Lighting Awarded at the 2021 Welfare Index

The recognition was conferred in the section "'Value for women: attention to the needs of life, work and career of women"

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28/09/2021 - For the fourth consecutive year Performance in lighting was awarded among the best companies in the national Welfare INDEX competition.

Assigned a 5W rating to 105 Welfare Champion companies (22 in 2017). More than 6000 companies from all production sectors for the sixth edition of the PMI Welfare Index: for the first time it measures the social impact of corporate welfare on all stakeholders: workers, families, communities, suppliers, consumers. Corporate welfare continues to grow over 64% of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises have exceeded the initial level; in 6 years the most active companies in welfare have more than doubled.

"For 2021, the award was awarded to us in the section 'Female value: attention to the needs of life, work and career of women', and was awarded in a prestigious event in Rome with the participation of the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando. In this way, for the fourth consecutive year, the recognition of our daily commitment to keeping the promise of creating a healthy work environment, tailored to our collaborators and creating a positive atmosphere for the whole community, is renewed. We are very proud of this recognition, which also reflects the path we are pursuing in the area of social and ethical responsibility, with particular attention to the United Nations 2030 Agenda Goals.

SDG 5 on Gender Equality is one of the focuses on which we are concretely working, to guarantee our people an environment that favors the facilitation of work-life balance, zero tolerance towards all forms of violence, awareness of the fight against discrimination and promote equality and integration".


Performance In Lighting Awarded at the 2021 Welfare Index 2

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