"Pergola" awning system by markilux with "shadeplus" function

New front profile with integrated solar glare protection

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"Pergola" awning system by markilux with "shadeplus" function
09/05/2018 - The markilux "pergola" awning system will be available from 2018 with a new "shadeplus" function, ingeniously concealed in the front profile of the awning The markilux "pergola" has been given a technical upgrade. It is now equipped with a particularly flat front profile which conceals the "shadeplus" function including the optional solar motor with battery.

The "shadeplus" is an additional blind which is attached to the front profile of the actual awning and which can be lowered to approximately two metres and thirty centimetres at the front, depending on the type of fabric used. It protects against the intruding glare of the late afternoon sun and at the same time provides privacy.

According to Michael Gerling, the Technical Managing Director at the awning specialist markilux, it is a most useful, and very popular, option for their products. The manufacturer's "pergola" system also profits from this addition. In order to integrate the "shadeplus" even more discreetly into this awning, the company has developed a compact front profile to hold the additional solar protection system.

Wireless motor operation with solar module "sundrive"
"Until now, the “shadeplus” was attached to the underside of the front profile of the markilux 'pergola' in a separate housing, explains Mr Gerling. Through the new, low construction of the profile, the walk-under height at the front of the awning has been increased. The front profile, however, is not only flatter, but also slightly lower, as, in addition to the "shadeplus" gear, it can optionally also store the 433 MHz radio-controlled motor which powers the newly introduced electrical operation of the vertical blind, including the battery."

The awning is operated using the "sundrive" solar module, which lies on top of the profile and supplies the battery with wireless energy. The capacity of the battery totals just over two ampere hours, meaning that an awning cover measuring up to six metres in width can be extended and retracted vertically many times per day without the battery fully discharging too quickly. In order to avoid overheating of the motor in case of frequent operation, a thermal cut-out mechanism has been installed which activates itself automatically when a certain operating temperature is reached. markilux has also developed a magnetic winding handle for simple manual operation of the "shadeplus", which appreciably reduces the height of the gear mechanism. 

Shadeplus can now also be combined with a cover support tube
With the slimline new front profile of the "pergola", the "shadeplus" can now also be combined with a transverse profile including an LED light system attached between the lateral guide rails as an additional accessory. Michael Gerling emphasises that this would not have been possible with the former construction height consisting of two separate profiles.

Therefore, efforts were made to make the technical components less bulky. "It is our daily business to put every product back on the test bench again and again in order to clarify whether the design can be improved, or whether additional functions can be offered for even more convenience", Mr Gerling goes on to say. This is important, he says, in order to offer customers the best possible quality and service. For this reason, the markilux "pergola" will in future always be offered with "tracfix". Using this technology, the awning cover is held inside the guide tracks and is therefore particularly resistant to wind as well as doing away with the gaps between cover and guide tracks. 3,270 characters.

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"Pergola" awning system by markilux with "shadeplus" function

"Pergola" awning system by markilux with "shadeplus" function

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