Place. The Desire to Bring People Together

Ross Gardam launches new lounge collection focused on togetherness

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Place. The Desire to Bring People Together
12/05/2020 - Place by Ross Gardam offers the most functional, modular platform to connect, experience and create. At the heart of the collection is the desire to bring people together. To support creativity in an environment which is smart, agile and intuitive. The Place collection of lounges and accessories blurs the line between residential and commercial space. Offering exceptional comfort and soft styling balanced with work-focused functionality and proportions.
Place is endlessly modular with ottomans, lounges, arms and backs all designed to fit the needs of any space across numerous functions. Multiple back and arm heights provide varying levels of privacy, from casual to full privacy spaces. Curved units enable circular meeting spaces and organic floorplan configurations.

Place also allows for the creation of focused working spaces, which easily reconfigure to suit the next task or meeting. Each individual seat unit locks together via a detachable joiner bracket located on the lounge underside, the design also allows the backs to zip together to create a more permanent configuration.
‘Place solves problems other products do not, and it achieves this while offering an exceptional level of comfort and style. I see it as a unique product with so many configurations possible, I am truly looking forward to seeing how people use it and how it can evolve in space.’ - Gardam says.

A truly versatile system with all square units based on an economically square footprint - all arms and backs fit within the square. This translates to every module joining perfectly and having the ability to sit back to back or nest together. Even curved units are based around the same footprint, with the ability to nest back to back to enable island and abutting seating.
Place Lounge Collection will be available exclusively through Stylecraft in Australia and Singapore.

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Place. The Desire to Bring People Together

Place. The Desire to Bring People Together

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