Planika Bioethanol Fireplace Behind the Glass

Additional source of heat in a modern style

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Planika Bioethanol Fireplace Behind the Glass
14/09/2018 - Bioethanol fireplaces, although they allow you to enjoy real fire, they work completely different than traditional ones. They burn special biofuel which consists exclusively products of organic origin. In addition to heat, only steam and small amounts of carbon dioxide are produced during the combustion process. It does not need to be connected to chimney and therefore gives you multiple arrangements options, giving you possibility to install it anywhere you want. Current solutions can surprise with their variety of forms, so let's start from the beginning...

Planika new Fireline Automatic 3 Suite Logs is a modern ethanol fireplace sealed behind the glass, making it even more safe than most of the bioethanol models on the market. Glass is primarily decorative and therefore gives possibility to connect traditionally looking fireplace with modern style. Specially designed fireplace insert allows integration with natural-looking ceramic logs and glowing fibers, placed on a layer of black vermiculite.

An additional function of this model is to supplement basic room heating. Thermal energy released during the combustion of the fuel is not led through the chimney, but it entirely stays inside the house. This type of solution allows you to warm up one or several rooms in the house with no ash, smoke or smell. The composition and amount of combustion products are similar to the composition of air exhaled by human so that it's not harmful to health. On the top of it, it can be controlled not only by the remote control, but also through a Wi-Fi or Smart Home System connection. That means you can have the full control of the flames form any point of the building.

Fireplace is a unique element of each house and none of the devices is able to give the interior such a warm and cozy character. It allows you to rest, relax and spend special moments with your family or friends.

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