Planium: Metal Chessboard

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04/12/2020 - The floor certainly may characterize an entire environment, decreeing its style and taste. To renovate spaces, you can choose materials of a different nature and Planium has long been enriching the offer by proposing its metal finishes. Bronze, Copper and Brass, or Smooth and Embossed Stainless Steel. We certainly let ourselves be enchanted by the enigmatic charm of Calamine, Oxidized Steel and that of Stainless Concrete.
However, if this is still not enough, then you really need to be daring through an alternative use of the installation and maybe play thanks to the reversibility effect of our systems. Reversible always means removable and relocatable. It is difficult to imagine that a floor may have this characteristic, but it is like that indeed.
From the conception that contemporaneity thrives on speed and renewal, our flooring systems reproduce this spirit with the few gestures of their laying: AP01 Lay guarantees the fastest installation, as it simply rests on it; SM02 Evolution allows installation with mechanical connection; PL01 Invisible allows immediate installation that takes place with a pressure coupling; MG01 Magnetic, whose installation is possible thanks to the attraction of the magnetic bottom.

Laying a floor, that does not have to be glued, is implicitly the guarantee that everything will be transformable again. If you prefer to go into, particular combinations and character, you can create new combinations, mixing finishes and colors.

A floor becomes two-tone, checkerboard, mosaic, black and white, for example. However, it will not be something already seen; the vintage of the 20s-30s will be reinterpreted with urban contaminations, but it will not be limited to this. It will be a new, unique style, made up of balances, phases, alternation and light/dark. 
Planium: Metal Chessboard 2

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