Planium Oxidized Steel: Electrolysis to Obtain the Burnished Color

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06/10/2020 - Planium Oxidized Steel is very unique due to its color, which stands out immediately; this is because its dominant hue refers to two hot metals, it is placed in the vicinity of Copper, Bronze: yet this metal, being a Steel, despite having a burnished character that brings it closer to autumnal tones, still contains within itself the silvery chromatic 'Cold' nuances. This metal is obtained through electrolysis processes carried out on the surface of stainless steels. According to the treatments that Planium reserves for it, the light and materiality of this metal change and with them also the colors of the textures.

Brushed, Satin, Canvas: Three Textures with Notable Differences and Their Own Character
Of all the Planium metals, Oxidized Steel is the one that differs most in the brushing and satin finishing processes (from which the Cloth is then obtained); it is as if each texture were a collector's sample different from the others, with its own defined character. In the 'brushed' version, some 'stripes' of Anthracite color remain, a decidedly marked Gray. With the satin finish, the metal becomes more elegant and refined, more elaborate: the colors are lighter overall, marked by a meticulous vertical movement, even a little severe.

Oxidized Steel, a Texture Applicable to Planium's Dry Installation Systems
On the floor or as a wall covering, the textures of Oxidized Steel enrich every surface with character. This is because, as we said before, from a material point of view this finish is among the most refined of Planium. Much appreciated are the hexagons in Oxidized Steel, which can cover the wall alternating with hexagons of cold colors - for example in Stainless Steel. The Oxidized Steel textures can adapt to any type of Planium Dry Installation System: with the metal core they contain, they magnetically bond to the MG01 Magnetic System mat; or it is possible to choose the PL01 Invisible One-click installations with pressure hooking clip that binds the tile to the tile, AP01 Lay (the fastest installation ever!), or the SM02 Evolution Mechanical System, with installation that uses the mechanical support and coupling between tile and tile. For wall coverings, the traditional AC02 Stick-on glue system continues to be suggested.

Planium Oxidized Steel: Electrolysis to Obtain the Burnished Color 2

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