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Flexible and multifunctional bookcases, desks and tables

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27/03/2020 - The Porro house is a personal refuge, which offers numerous homeworking opportunities. Architectural systems with mixed functions including practical working areas, large tables where adults and kids can seat together homeworking, equipped walls and bookcases with high flexibility and extreme length, up to small desks for a space exclusively dedicated to yourself and your thoughts.
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A hallway can become an elegant custom-made working area. A teak floor-to-ceiling System composition creates an architectural backdrop for the office space – in a fun random arrangement featuring areas without a back panel. On the right, the Modern + Load-it desk composition focuses on the delicate visual effect of the wall panels in a natural canneté texture, combined with the Modern black-stained hemlock suspended shelf. A twist of colour is provided by the Modern hanging units with drop-leaf door or the open cabinets lacquered in arancio zucca.
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A scenographic mix halfway between a bookshelf, a container and a displey case, the Modern + Load-it compositions combine the containing capacity of the Modern system, here in the writing desk with drawer version, with the graphic impact of the Load-it bookcase, creating broad equipped walls.
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You can create a small working area even in your bedroom, mixing Storage and Modern + Load-it systems. Among the Hinged Storage 32s doors in heat treadet oak with Oslo handles entirely realized in wood, an ecru fabric covered working niche injects itself, with Load-it shelves in burnished brass and mirror wall panels, and a Modern writing desk in solid wood.
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The Metallico table is characterized by the lightness of its top and legs, made of a 12 mm thick solid aluminium sheet. The sophisticated detail of the connection between leg and table top shows the power of the technology used, that provides for rigorous lines and a reduced thickness, that can easily host 8 people sitting as for the rectangular version L.2480 x P.980 mm and the square versions up to 10 people for the rectangular table L.2980 x P.980 mm. The table top also comes in the wood finishes selected by Porro.
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Load-it is a versatile book shelving system that can fulfill different daily functions. It is made up of thin L-shaped shelves, in two widths 1000 and 2000 mm, that can be cut to size, in highly resistant, wax-finished steel, as well as painted in white or in the special burnished brass, porphyry grey or antique red finishes. The product is completed with wall panels that are available in many customizable sizes and in a variety of finishes, ranging from matt and glossy lacquer to the wood types of Porro’s Collection, mirror, waxfinished steel, burnished brass, porphyry grey and antique red finishes as well as natural or black stained cannetè with vertical or horizontal texture, and fabric either one of the selected collection or a special customer’s fabric.
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Versatile, intelligent, flexible: System, Porro’s system of bookcases and equipped walls, enters the home and the office to meet the needs of personalities, inclinations and lifestyles of those who live there. The glass sliding door with iron frame, high lightness framed by an elegant metal profile, enlivens System front view. The 33 and the 49.5 cm units are customized by the removable drawers-trays, for an accurate and diversified order.
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With the wide variety and superior quality of its finishes, System is the ideal solution to plan custom furnishing projects, since it can be intelligently adapted to create highly diverse settings: classic, sophisticated, informal, or elegantly traditional. With the new transparent display cases with Iron burnished brass doors, the metal sheet boxes and the new extra-large “grande luce” module, System has an innovative modular code which is rich in creative possibilities and offers new functionality in living and home-office areas.
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Purity and modernity, functionality and vintage taste live together perfectly in the Collector desk, balancing between high tech instances and modern art collection. It is identified by the essential structure, a metal bridge onto which various elements are hooked: drawers, containers, interior panels, top, all offered in a refined apple tree finish.
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Conceived for contemporary living areas, Modern writing desk surface with drawer is elegantly wall-mounted on a panel. A light and functional solution, combining the typologies of the desk, the closed container and the support surface and offering multiple possibilities for use.
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The overview is completed by Web, a multipurpose supporting surface designed to hold equipment such as the tv or the stereo, that can be used as a work top for the pc or as a writing table, and equipped with a cable bar and shelves.

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