Pot Filler Faucets by Mina

Inspired by professional kitchens, suitable for outdoor spaces

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06/07/2020 - Taps increasingly sought by the international market, and not only American or Anglo-Saxon. By now pot filler models are becoming sought-after design objects, capable of reflecting a choice of use of living spaces. If conviviality and sharing are at the centre of the kitchen, then the division between functions allows even more people to cook together, as well as optimising performance in every area of action. Everyone feels like a professional chef at home.
For this reason, Mina has chosen to expand the POT FILLER range available in the new #Inox Kitchen catalogue.
The original POT FILLER model is an extensible kitchen tap made of 100% stainless steel AISI316L. Pot Filler is only for cold water, designed to be placed directly above the fire zone, as in the most equipped professional kitchens, simplifying many operations.
Pot Filler Faucets by Mina 2

The particularity of being completely articulated and extensible allows to get anywhere and then be “folded” against the wall after use, avoiding any encumbrance in the fire zone. The higher capacity, compared to traditional sink mixers, allows to fill the pots more quickly and conveniently, without moving from fire, helping to make them an autonomous area in preparation of food.

The POT FILLER collection is now extended with smaller versions, with a swivel but not articulated spout, always easily foldable to be restored or to free the space in front. The new Pot Filler proposal can be combined with an external mixer ho have also hot water. Designed as passe-partout solutions, they find space not only in the kitchen but also in outdoor contexts. Water points in the garden, barbecue areas, equipped outdoor kitchens, where stainless steel expresses the maximum performance and versatility of MINA items allow to find a custom-made design solution.
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