Pratic participates at Architect @ Work Berlin

On show the bioclimatic pergolas with retractable aluminum blades of Brera Series

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01/10/2020 - On 7th and 8th October, Pratic meets in Berlin the world of architecture during Archit[email protected], a consolidated model of meeting-dialogue among design companies and the protagonists of planning as regards house, contract and urban spaces.
The aim is still sharing the most innovative trends to best live the indoors and the outdoors; the latters – without a doubt – are destined to have more and more a key role, considering the historical period (intra- more than post-pandemic) the world is going through, and the consequent change of paradigm in relation to the need and the desire of creating ample and airy spaces towards the outdoors. The Berlin event is therefore the perfect stage for Pratic brand, which has built its own leadership in the industry of bioclimatic pergolas and design awnings, working towards the culture of open air life.
The hard work has taken to the creation of advanced collections, whose the main aim is to offer well-being to the person. As in the case of Brera Series, the new bioclimatic pergola with retractable aluminum blades, that the designers and experts of Pratic will present to the public of [email protected]
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Brera series meets, in a simple and functional way, the desire to live in complete freedom gardens and open air spaces thus combining two benefits: protection and the possibility of a total opening. With a single fast movement, silent and elegant, the sun-shading blades of Brera slide and compact in a small space. When open, Brera B cuts out a large piece of sky, with shading blades that overlap each other taking up a minimal amount of space. When closed, it offers protection against sun, wind and rain, thanks to the careful design by Pratic
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The exceptional feature of Brera can also be found in the possibility of use under any weather condition, a plus that allowed Pratic to conquer – not only the markets “kissed” by the sun – but also the ones of Nothern and Central Europe, thus creating an outdoor space characterized by high-comfort and design in the most beautiful cities.
The possible greyness of winter shatters the over 30 brilliant colors available for Brera Series; on the contrary, in case of UV rays and salt, the paints used by Pratic guarantee a great tightness, not only as concerns the material but also the color.
Pratic at [email protected]:
7-8 October 2020
Station Berlin
Hall 7 Booth 63
If you are an architect, send an email to [email protected] to get your free ticket to the exhibition.

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