Presence, Absence, and Revelation of Light

DCW éditions unveils La Lampe Frechin by Jean-Louis Frechin

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02/03/2021 - DCW éditions unveils La Lampe Frechin, the new floor and table lamp design by Jean-Louis Frechin.

“Playing with the contrasts between materiality and immateriality, presence, absence, and revelation of light, la Lampe Frechin offers a sensitive experience of optics between science and magic. By confronting timeless materials (marble, glass, aluminum), and a poetic approach to technology, it illuminates as much as it irradiates spaces.” 

La Lampe Frechin is a table and floor lamp composed of a base in black marble and anodized aluminum, and a borosilicate tube. By confronting timeless material with a poetic approach of technology, this luminaire illuminates spaces as much as it offers a sensitive experience of optic between science and magic.

DCW éditions meets the designer Jean-Louis Frechin who talks about his new lighting creation. 

What is Jean-Louis Frechin’s career path? 
I was not really good at school and my life started when I went to architecture studies. I discovered a world and I discovered that by the project you can learn theories as well.  But architecture studies are long, slow and I would like (wanted?) to branch off towards design so I joined the ENSCI school. I learnt to do things, to consider that workshop is a place where you conceive things and not only where you produce them, and that completely changed my life. 

I created NoDesign in 2001 which is a design and innovation agency. We work on the design of products, “neo-objects” which are objects capable of producing, collecting or transmitting information, reacting to various data in the context of industrial, cultural or research projects. 

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How is La Lampe Frechin born?
Fred (Frédéric Winkler, founder and president of DCW éditions) is the first one who’s had met us and understood what we do and what we want to do. The story of this lamp is born this way. 

What does La Lampe Frechin represent? 
I have always tried to input product design in digital, making objects like an interface is my particularity. Lights and lamps are interfaces that allow us to live at night and evolve with us during the day. Lamps are the perfect illustration of how we try to create new objects, following behaviours, emotions, poetry and animated by technologies that disappear to create wonder.

By working with light in a different way, by modifying the initial ray, we have done research to try to transform our perception of light and transform these leds we all know into something more magical, more mysterious to create a new object that we don’t know if it’s a tube, a lamp, a scientific device, a device that serves no purpose, just poetic.

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Tell us about this interface. 
The idea was to make an object that stay in a kind of history and modernity and mostly magic and poetry. Most of the objects conceived by NoDesign are interfaces, they are things we manipulate and it seemed interesting to me in La Lampe Frechin to illustrate what we like, which is make the object an interface or a tool we can manipulate. 

To do this, you have to be able to take it, grasp it and make the connector that allows energy and light to flow in the tube. It is an object you can manipulate, you can finally almost choose its design, you are co-responsible of the way the lamp is arranged. 

A final world... 
Break codes, don’t be in silos but being somewhere else, that is what we tried to do. In fact, take cultures that are not in a classic way to make objects out of them, these objects speak to people. Everyone can see a bit of science, old science, magic, a ray of light. It means that people adopt and grasp the object. It means the object speaks to them. 

DCW éditions on Archiproducts.com

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