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The open-air seating area “markant” from markilux

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16/09/2020 - markilux offers its awning roof markant as a free-standing version with four posts as well as a version with two posts to be installed on a building wall. According to the manufacturer, the awning system can therefore fulfil a wide variety of uses, especially because it can be closed all round and thus serves as wind protection and offers increased privacy outdoors. To this end, the awning system can be combined with the sliding panel system format slide, for example, which can be quickly opened and closed as required.
Sliding panels offer a space in which to retreat
After the first year on the market, it became clear that the free-standing four-legged sun protection “markant” is also on demand as an outdoor retreat. Now there are several added technical options that provide lateral or all-round privacy and weather protection. 
Vertical roller blinds can be integrated in the system as can the fixed side panel system “format”. As third option available, the movable side panel system “format slide”. Up to five textile frame sections can be moved along a rail system to create a partition wall. When several panels are used, it can measure between two and six metres. 
As Michael Gerling, Director of R&D and Production at markilux, explains: “Anyone who wants more privacy under an open-air seating area should be able to decide whether to lower lateral blinds at the touch of a button and raise them again when required, whether the protection against inquisitive glances should be permanent or whether it should simply be pushed quickly to the side, as is possible with the new sliding panels.” Variety in the accessories available in a product addresses the different needs and wishes of the customer, and makes it possible to configure an awning according to individual requirements.
Profile for wall connection now completely closed
This is why markilux offers the textile awning roof in two versions: with four posts to be used as a free-standing version in the garden as well as in large outdoor areas and with two posts for direct fixture to a wall. This version is particularly popular, which is why it has been tuned a little in terms of its appearance. “Matching the upper wall sealing profile with a brush seal, which covers the brackets and part of the surrounding frame, protecting them from dampness and dirt, there are now additional fill-in side cover plates and a bottom decorative profile. Now wall connection looks neatly closed,” says Mr Gerling. He feels that the awning roof with its various functions, such as LED light systems and infrared heaters, has benefited from this fine tuning and the new sliding panel system, and has thus become a little more attractive.

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