Pulpo Beyond Gravity!

An installation at M&O that invites you to immerse in the avant-garde world and in the atmosphere of the Planet Pulpo

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26/01/2023 - On the occasion of Maison&Objet in Paris, Pulpo has created its own universe with its extravagant luxury products, a special exhibition with new collections and pieces now icons. A monolithic installation invited visitors to embark on the adventure of immersing themselves in the avant-garde world and extraordinary atmosphere of Pulpo.
The collections of renowned and emerging designers were presented in a minimalist and cubist space in black and white. With the stand design and the accompanying film and photo campaign, the German brand created its own "Planet Pulpo". Among other things, the new products by Sebastian Herkner, Sylvain Willenz, Vasilica Isăcescu and Nadja Zerunian were shown, taking visitors on a journey into a new dimension.

little monsters by Vasilica Isăcescu and Nadja Zerunian
Allow me, Fester, Gomez, Little Tully, Lumpy, Flora, Morticia and Eddy ... right, this lovely family of chairs is related to the notorious Addams Family. But, more than that, they stem from Transylvania. Master artisan Vasilica Isăcescu and Nadja Zerunian of co/rizom created these "little monsters". Their goal is relatively innocent: To create authentic, fair and sustainable products from mother nature. 
Pulpo Beyond Gravity! 2

samsa by Sebastian Herkner
samsa is Sebastian Herkner's first work for pulpo in cast aluminium. Under his hands, this sturdy and versatile recycling material produces a shining example of lightness – which is also coined to the object's function and appearance. 

collage by Sylvain Willenz
Made for random curation, Sylvain Willenz's collection acts like a 3-D study in furniture to come. Their range of variety with sliding elements goes analogue with the vivid play with different materials such as ceramics, textured glass, marble, travertine and steel. Highly functional and simultaneously decorative elements make "collage" a masterpiece in terms of uniting contradictions. 

Pulpo on Archiproducts.com
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