Pythagoras, one shelf system, unlimited design solutions

The new shelf system by Maze Interior

02/08/2016 - Swedish design company Maze Interior introduces the new shelf system Pythagoras, designed by Gustav Rosén. Pythagoras’ geometrical construction is a unique design solution which combines style and function. The shelf system’s triangular formed bracket, made from recycled steel wire, is available in five different colors and there are, four different types of shelves, which allows Pythagoras to be assembled in new ways, over and over again. Since starting in 2003 Maze Interior has taken an active role in influencing the design and furniture sector’s production and consumers’ choice. In close cooperation with craftsmen in the Swedish furniture region of Småland , Maze Interior is seeking to make minimal, resilient, and Swedish manufactured design products and furniture. Maze Interior call it Slow Production and it’s simply producing and offering products that last, produced by people who get a satisfactory wage, good working conditions and cause as little damage as possible to the environment. Maze Interior are presently launching the shelf system Pythagoras – a unique combination of timeless design and flexibility which allows the consumer unlimited opportunities to create their own personal style. As the name implies, the designer Gustav Rosén has been inspired by geometry. In the same way that a triangle’s sides are based on two established points, the shelf takes form depending where the brackets are placed. Pythagoras can easily be minimal in style, harmonize with other styles or have a practical corner function; only individual taste and imagination set the limits.

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