Recyclable and Biodegradable: MOJOW Unveils Its Brand New Products

Floofy and Helly @ Maison&Objet 2020

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Recyclable and Biodegradable: MOJOW Unveils Its Brand New Products
14/01/2020 - MOJOW unveils its new products, now made of TPU, a hyper-resistant, recyclable and biodegradable material, odorless and chlorine-free. The new products presented at Maison & Objet Paris 2020 are: the revisited FLOOFY milking stool and the contemporary HELLY cylindrical stool.
An eco-friendly and resistant material TPU, used for the YOMI range and for all new products, is a new recyclable and biodegradable material, odorless and containing no chlorine. Innovative and durable material, TPU combines technical properties of resistance and flexibility. It provides excellent resistance under extreme temperature conditions (high and low), and has unequaled properties of impact, tear and UV resistance. Thanks to the TPU and the optimization of its packaging, MOJOW is part of an eco-responsible approach with the objective of considerably reducing its carbon footprint.
Customizable models
Each transparent colorless MOJOW is customizable thanks to the filling valve located in the sitting part. It is therefore possible to integrate many decorative elements (for example: marbles, feathers, toys, caps, tokens ...) to give free rein to the imagination!
FLOOFY: the reviewed milking stool


This adorable little design stool in TPU material offers an extra seat, both indoors and outdoors. It is available with several structures (white or black epoxy aluminum, mirror stainless steel) and available in different transparent colors : green, orange, smoked, blue, pink and in limited series.
HELLY: the contemporary cylindrical stool


This decorative object is a customizable extra seat made of TPU material. MOJOW wanted to create a stool combining materials such as metal and TPU, and whose inflatable transparency part brings maximum lightness to the whole.
The products in the YOMI range will also be made of TPU. MOJOW creations can be used both indoors, as a single piece for decoration, and outdoors as a set. This designer furniture has already been adopted by Modern Art Museums such as MoMa in San Francisco.


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