Rediscovering marble Graniglia tiles

Mipa’s historic ‘recipe’: an in-depth research in recovering the secrets of the body mixes, and the original moulds to restore graniglia to its original glory

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28/07/2016 - Can a product tell its own story? It is the question that Mipa, Italian brand which has taken up studying the aim of rediscovering marble graniglia tiles, asked itself.
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In the past marble graniglia tiles were used for the decorative floors and wall coverings of prestigious dwellings. Mipa has recovered ancient tools and techniques to restore graniglia to its original glory.
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The in-depth research consists of looking for comparison with old artisans, in recovering the original molds from old and abandoned factories, and in discovering the secrets of the body mixes. Those same secrets that held the recipe in which the main ingredients were water, marble granules and chips, cement and natural oxide colorants.
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Each day at Mipa's expert hands, using copper ladles, work the liquid body mix, then fill the bronze moulds that will reproduce the decorative tiles. It is in this way that something truly original is created, reinventing itself every time with authentic forms, lines and colours, but always faithful to the secrets of one of the most refined artistic traditions. The result is a tailor-made production process, totally bespoke: you can modify colors, design and size.

Restored by Mipa to that prestigious place it had lost in national memory, Graniglia has made possible the restoration of historic buildings, such as Ex Collegio S.Marco e Proprietà Comunali in Siena, Istituto Beata Vergine Maria in Rome, Convento Frati Cappuccini di San Giovanni Rotondo (FG), Chiesa Giubilare di Guardia Piemontese (PZ), and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

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