Refined and Daring: The LDN Born Mutt Bike

Buster + Punch joins forces with Mutt Motorcycles to create a custom bike for the everyman

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Refined and Daring: The LDN Born Mutt Bike
04/03/2015 - What happens when a trained architect and industrial designer with a passion for motorcycles, metalwork, and music teams up with a motorcycle brand dedicated to producing a quality product at the lowest possible cost? The LDN Born Mutt Bike, that’s what happens. A bike which marries the sleek, rock’ n’ roll aesthetic of Buster and Punch with the tested performance of Mutt Motorcycles; a custom-finished motorcycle for the everyman.

It’s a 125cc small capacity bike with 18’’ wheels that  functions perfectly for daily commutes, as it takes off quick and brakes well. Buster + Punch’s founder, Massimo Buster Minale added the brand’s coveted, signature look through paintwork and detailing, ensuring you’ll feel like a rock star every time you’re on it. 

This project is far from a new venture for the trained architect and designer who started his design career in a garage in East London. He’s made a career of mixing business with pleasure, and applies the same precision and passion to making lighting, hardware, and design objects as he does to making motorcycles. 
“By day I used to be an architect and by night I would work on custom motorbikes in my garage, so motorbikes have always been in my blood. It is all about passion…if you love something so far-fetched from your day job, then it will inevitably influence and enrich it” 

It’s a passion which has been cultivated by years of family heritage and which inspires Minale to make his products accessible to all.  It’s the reason Buster + Punch and Mutt Motorcycles have crafted such a fast and stylish bike for only 4,500 pounds. 

The LDN Born Mutt Bike is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that it has been enriched by the skill of a designer who approaches bikes in the same way he does design objects:
“Coming from a design background gives you a strong appreciation for proportions and detailing and I think these are the strengths that help me try to build better bikes. I will always approach a bike build in the same way as designing interior products, refined, daring and with a massive attention to the detail”.

Weight (Dry) 105kg
Seat Height 780mm
Engine Single 4-stroke
Displacement 125cc
Max Power 12hp
Max torque 10Nm
Transmission 5 speed manual
Top Speed 70mph
Fuel tank 12L
Find out more at: www.busterandpunch.comRefined and Daring: The LDN Born Mutt Bike

Refined and Daring: The LDN Born Mutt Bike

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