Regina: the Reinterpretation of a Classic

The new Sergio Leoni sealed pellet stove by Emo Design

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24/09/2020 - Regina is a sealed pellet stove, characterised by a handcrafted ceramic cladding and low power, ideal for small spaces or for well-insulated homes. When starting out in the 1960s, master stove maker Sergio Leoni drew his inspiration from the Northern European “Stube”, which he graced with his trademark elegance and sophistication.

Today, the task of reinterpreting transalpine stoves with a modern twist has been entrusted to Emo design. In the words of the Emo design team: “Regina is an object that nods to classicism, stripped of excessive decorations. It’s a stove designed for contemporary, modern and minimalist settings, but it can adapt to any other style.”

Regina is managed from a handy panel, fitted under the cover.  However, a standard Wi-Fi kit is also available, which makes it possible to control the stove away from home, using a smartphone. The smoke outlet can be either on the back, as in the photo, or on the top.

Regina: the Reinterpretation of a Classic 2

Regina: the Reinterpretation of a Classic 3

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