Revigrés launches Augmented Reality App

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Revigrés launches Augmented Reality App
04/07/2016 - Revigrés presents the Revigrés APP, an APP that allows you to get to know all Revigrés products with full user mobility and try them out in any room and in real time, through Augmented Reality. Users can also access Revigrés commercial network through a geolocation system, with name, address, contacts and GPS coordinates of all distributors.

This is the first Portuguese Augmented Reality App for ceramic tiles, allowing you to view directly and in the intended space the effect of a given product.

Placing a scale mark on the surface you wish to coat – flat object minimum A4 size - gives the correct perspective in which the materials should be applied. Ensure that the room is well lit. The Revigrés APP allows you to try out new decorating ideas, test different colors, formats and floor and wall finishes and to view the effect of products in a quick and intuitive manner.

It provides access to Revigrés feature products and its latest news, and allows you to share your experience by emailor the social networks. The Revigrés APP is available for tablets and smartphones, at the Apple App Store, on Catalogues, and at Google Play. The download is free.

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Revigrés launches Augmented Reality App

Revigrés launches Augmented Reality App

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