Revigrés Launches Kirei and Sabi Collections

From the charm of glazed ceramic, to the beauty of imperfection of full body porcelain cement

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20/07/2021 - Revigrés unveils their new concept of ceramic flooring and tiling: Kirei and Sabi Collections

Because everything changed in 2020, the search for new forms of balance has become an imperative. A different concept of well-being has transformed the home into the centre of it all, a safe haven. Everything is redefined by new ways of being, in which imperfection unfolds into comfortable, contained, sustainable, meaningful beauty, and timeless elegance.

The Kirei-Sabi concept reflects the essential acceptance of imperfection, to which elegance and fineness is attached. The elegance of Kirei glazed ceramic wall tiles, combined with the beauty of imperfection of Sabi full body porcelain cement.

Kirei Collections
A combination of minimalism and creativity in eight new wall tile collections, in sizes 40x120cm, 30x90cm, 30x60cm and 20x60cm.

Sabi Collections
Two wall and floor tile collections with the effect of cement, invoking a modern industrial aesthetic. We highlight the new size 60x180cm and the new SOFT GRIP finish.

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