'Revigrés - The Art of Storytiling'

The Portuguese company presents the first issue of its magazine

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'Revigrés - The Art of Storytiling'
22/07/2019 - Revigrés is now launching the first issue of the magazine “Revigrés - The Art of Storytiling”, a publication targeting the end consumer distributed free of charge at resellers’ stores.
The new publication is intended for bringing the public closer to the brand, creating a more direct and informal communication channel and capturing its attention and interest at the points of sale.
On this regard, it shows the brand’s products in environments representing decorating solutions and offers ideas which can inspire consumers to create their own spaces.
In the magazine “Revigrés - The Art of Storytiling”, the most recent collections of the brand are also the lead characters in stories that transport us to some film classics through pictures drawn from readers’ imagery.
Innovative products of the Revigrés portfolio, such as Deck Smart - ceramic floor tiles for elevated flooring - stand out on a par with the Signature Collections, resulting from the partnership with visual artists. In the current issue, you can get to know Fait Divers, an exclusive collection developed together with painter Júlio Resende.
The magazine “Revigrés - The Art of Storytiling” also helps activate the new concept of the brand’s communication by exploring its vast heritage.
Consequently, it tells the story and shows the iconic projects where the brand’s products are to be found, and includes the testimonies of professionals who choose Revigrés collections for their projects.
The first issue is bilingual - Portuguese and English - and is already being distributed at the points of sale on domestic and international markets. Available for download at www.revigres.com.
'Revigrés - The Art of Storytiling'

'Revigrés - The Art of Storytiling'

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