Rexa Design at Fuorisalone

The new bathroom products by Monica Graffeo and Daniele Della Porta and the collaboration with the photographer Alecio Ferrari: appointment at Mo.1950 in via Molino delle Armi

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09/09/2021 - Product novelties, an important preview and an excellent collaboration with the emerging talent of photography, Alecio Ferrari, within the frame of Mo.1950: these are the ingredients of Rexa Design’s presence at Fuorisalone, until to 10 September in via Molino delle Armi 14.
The exceptional partnership with the emerging talent of photography, Alecio Ferrari, in collaboration with Studio Fludd: his laboratory The Instant of Change will result in a photographic exhibition and in a moment of sharing on the subject of the changing states of materials, which evolve in relation to time. A concept particularly close to Rexa Design’s DNA, based on material research, excellence of workmanship, and the central role of the person.
The presentation of a series of new products, a renewed exposition within its flagship store in Milan, and an important preview. Here are the news that Rexa Design presents in Milan.

Vision Collection Preview

Designed by Monica Graffeo, Vision is a collection conceived as a space where sensoriality and functionality come together and interact harmoniously. With Vision Rexa Design offers a new user-experience within the bathroom space. The protagonists of the new Collection are monolithic elements - sculpted suspended store unit modules, and material walls - that incorporate the technical and functional part, hiding it, to bring water to light through the 'source' elements and the objects that surround it. The result is a volume of great impact and in perfect balance between shape and function. Special features of the Collection are the materiality and architectural finishes, the modules that can be summed up, the reduced depth of the washbasin unit, the flap doors, the organizer, the washbasin without drain.  
Rexa Design at Fuorisalone 2

Smoking washbasin

Smoking was born from Daniele Della Porta's design. It was presented as a preview at Cinquanta - Spirito Italiano, the brand new cocktail bar designed by the architect and recently inaugurated in Pagani (SA). A single curved sheet of Glacier White or Deep Nocturne Corian®, in which the junction point placed on the back of this washbasin with sinuous and light geometries becomes the hallmark of the entire project. Available as freestanding (Ø 44cm, H 90cm) or over counter (Ø 42cm, H 23cm or 53cm).
Rexa Design at Fuorisalone 3

Discovolante washbasin

Seen from top, this washbasin recalls a small object designed for space travel thanks to the lightness and balance of its shapes. Discovolante, designed by Monica Graffeo, is intended to become an icon among the collection for a special originality that merges functionality and elegance. The Corian® Glacier White or Deep Nocturne can be combined with the materials and finishes of the circular shelf, available in Ash Aggregate or Carbon Aggregate Corian®, Bronze or Grey glass, Carrara or Marquina Black marble. Available as freestanding (L 52cm P 64,5cm H 90cm).
Rexa Design at Fuorisalone 4

Vasca Dip

Inspired by the traditional Japanese bath, the freestanding Dip bathtub, designed by Monica Graffeo, has a compact and deep shape (135cmx75cm) conceived to enjoy a regenerating experience, seated, completely surrounded by the energy of hot water. Available in Ice White Korakril™ Blend and in Black, Grafite, Fango Luce, Grigio Luce or Zenzero Shark. The soft touch finishes for the external lacquering are Black, Grafite, Beige Fresco, Beige, Fango and Fango Luce.
Rexa Design at Fuorisalone 5

Vasca Hole con libreria 

The Hole Collection by Rexa Design is further enriched with this iconic bathtub, conceived to characterize the bathroom in a spectacular way. The purity of the Ice White of the Korakril™ Blend and the colored Shark, available in Black, Grafite, Grigio Luce, Fango Luce and Zenzero, can be combined with the wood finishes of the library - Oak, American Walnut and Eucalyptus - to create compositions that furnish and complete the space in an original, while at the same time functional, way. 
Rexa Design at Fuorisalone 6

New finishes for Moode Collection

Sensoriality. Perception. Duality. Project. These are just some of the ingredients of the material culture of Rexa Design. Contemporary materials such as solid surfaces or materials talking about ancient history and craftsmanship such as glass, cocciopesto, cotto. Silky and soft materials such as Corian® or rough and grainy like clay, combinations of cold and warm tones, smooth surfaces and rough textures. From this approach and this culture comes the finishing system of Rexa Design, a proposal that is now enriched with new possibilities, such as Ribbed American Walnut and Fenix dedicated to the Moode Collection.
Rexa Design at Fuorisalone 7

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Rexa Design at Fuorisalone 10

Rexa Design at Fuorisalone 11

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