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Agape renews its sanitary ware collections with a new rimless design

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18/11/2020 - From today, the range of Agape sanitary wares benefits from the advantages resulting from the absence of the rim. Lower water consumption, ease of cleaning, silence and more compact dimensions are just some of the advantages of Agapes new rimless bathroom fixtures, also revised in their aesthetics by the hands of their designers. The rimless design was integrated into the designs of various existing designer collections, which are now available as an updated version with the new technical feature.
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Rimless sanitary wares come without the internal rim or 'frame' and represent the evolution of the traditional toilet combining design and functionality. The flow of water plays a fundamental role in rimless sanitary wares: water comes out of a single hole and flows along the perimeter guided by the geometric shape of the basin itself to finally flow into the drain. The circular flow is designed to ensure immediate cleaning without leaving residues, avoiding the deposit of limescale and germs on the surface.
Agape renews and expands its range of sanitary wares. Benedini Associatirevisits 750 by interpreting the pure and essential shapes of the collection in more compact dimensions. Made of ceramic, the 750 wall mounted sanitary fixtures are available in a completely white, glossy or matt. The introduction of the rimless technology has a major impact on the size of the WC 750 which is 50 mm shorter than its predecessor. The change also makes it suitable for smaller rooms, while enhancing its proportions and sophisticatedly essential design.
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Pear, designed by Patricia Urquiola, becomes more compact in the rimless version while reinterpreting its sinuous shapes. Available in glossy or matt white or two-tone version with dark gray exterior, Pear maintains its fresh and harmonious appearance by combining functionality and lightness. Pear also benefits from the introduction of rimless technology: just like 750, the depth is reduced by 50 mm. No changes to the width, the new proportions accentuating even more Pear's soft and feminine curves.
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Pear 2, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is still featured in the catalogue in the traditional version with the rim. Its unmistakable shape and compact size, which have made it one of the best-sellers in the Agape catalogue since its debut, remain unchanged.

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