Rustiles by Ariane Prin

Announced as Material of the Year @ the London Design Fair 2017

10/07/2017 - For the London Design Fair 2017, Ariane Prin will present Rustiles. "Rustiles will bring together a new iteration of the Rust series, its textures, hues and patterns into a site-specific installation centered around our new tiles collection."
This September, the London Design Fair introduces a new initiative to celebrate the materials currently having the biggest impact on the international design scene. The inaugural Material of the Year showcase explores the aesthetic and structural versatility of Jesmonite® – the ‘chameleon’ making material that an ever-growing number of today’s designers are employing in varied and innovative ways.

Alongside pieces by designers currently working in Jesmonite, PRIN London has been invited to create a site-specific installation. The founder Ariane Prin is taking the pioneering technique behind her RUST collection of unique vessels (launched at the Herrick Gallery 2015) and is using it to create Rustiles – a tile-based homage to the iconic London brick made from Jesmonite and metal dust.
Since 2013, the product designer Ariane Prin keeps on developing and making RUST, the studio’s first homeware collection launched in 2015 during the London Design Festival. The RUST range is created by mixing metal particles originating from key cutting and other metalworking workshops across London, with gypsum and acrylic.
No two items of RUST are the same: each is made by hand and the metal dust oxidation gives a unique texture, varying in colour and intensity. It takes time to complete a piece of RUST, including the oxidation period – from weeks to months – and taking into account the high variability of the process.
All our items – except for our Timepieces and Mini cachepots – are coated to reduce further oxidation. However, the materials of RUST may change slowly over time. In this way, the collection distinguishes itself from the mass production and our products are as individual as their owners.
'So many things can be made in Jesmonite – it’s versatile, and I love the fact that it sets quickly (no kiln required). I first used it back in 2013. My studio mate had a small bucket of it left and gave me some. I had a lot of waste materials in the studio, including a bag and a key dust. On that day, I wasn’t searching for anything in particular; I was just experimenting and having fun by mixing materials together. I had a freelance job at the time and when I came back to the studio a week later the samples with the key dust had oxidized. I thought it could be an interesting thing to continue pushing. I would have never imagined to set up a business out of this accidental mix of circumstances.’ - Ariane Prin
Presenting a remarkable combination of colours, textures and unrepeatable natural patterns, the installation will be unveiled at the Old Truman Brewery on September 21st–24th.

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