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Today would have been the start of the Salone del Mobile 2020. Thoughts and notions

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April 21, 2020. A red circle on the calendar marks this date.

Today Milan would have seen the start of the 59th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the most important event in the world of design that annually takes sprightliness and euphoria to the streets and animates the quarters of a city clothed in its vernal dress.

It would have meant days of handshakes and embraces, frenzied rides on the metro and with stations in Archiproducts yellow saluting the arriving crowds. Days to lose oneself somewhere between the industrial backyards of the Tortona district and the Liberty style buildings of Porta Venezia, between the artistic installations of 5VIE and the historic showrooms in the heart of Brera. Days with interviews and long anticipated encounters, with new faces, new stories to tell of uncharted places and of those exciting events that usually make Milan the one place to be during this special week.

Every year a special day, a day that finds us excited and almost anxious like an up-and-coming actor before stepping onto the stage for the very first time. It’s a sensation we all dearly miss this year.

Then again, all this has only been postponed. We will keep sharing beauty. And soon we will shall back to swapping stories face to face.
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