Cross-Pollination of Materials in Milan 2024

Scapin Group tells of aesthetic and functional links between Quartzform mineral surfaces and custom-made Marmo Arredo slabs

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03/04/2024 - A twofold narrative at Salone del Mobile 2024 with Scapin Group's surfaces that, between Quartzforms® mineral slabs and Marmo Arredo natural stone, tell of unprecedented aesthetic and functional connections between different materials. "Synapses between surfaces" is the theme of the 2024 collections, which will be presented at the Pav. S.Project and the showroom in Via Santa Tecla.

Industrial precision and attention to detail characterise Marmo Arredo's surfaces, which range from one-off pieces to unique custom-made slabs, offering designers the most advanced solutions for architecture and interior design projects.
Scapin Group surfaces - Ecotone - Mahal 2Pin it

Scapin Group surfaces - Ecotone - Mahal

Quartzforms mineral coverings renew the appeal of natural stone with the most advanced technologies that ensure versatility, resistance, hygiene and ease of maintenance. Unprecedented solutions take research to new horizons with the Ecotone™ collection, the latest generation made with recycled components and resin derived from bio-compounds.
Rethinking the relationship between the natural and the artificial to create spaces where different materials coexist and interact. Inspired by the ecotone, a liminal space between two ecosystems, the technology acts as a transition material between quartz, produced by traditional methods, and a more avant-garde surface, created under the banner of sustainability, using recycled water and 60% wind energy.
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Scapin Group surfaces - Ecotone - Lasa

"Today," says Marco Scapin, Art Director of the Scapin Group, "we can proudly say that we have achieved a fundamental goal. We have managed to create products with minimal environmental impacts by using energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar and by recycling almost all the water used in the manufacturing process. On this basis, we create projects of inestimable beauty that are a valuable source of inspiration for the most creative designers. This is our contribution to a new, evolved concept of interior design".

Mahal, Lasa, Poseidon and Crono are four new surfaces that extend the Ecotone™ - New Era collection and are ideal for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, walls and floors.

The appearance of Mahal is an interweaving of bold shapes in which very fine dotted veins overlap on a beige background, creating a warm surface whose chaotic and imperfect soul becomes an unmistakable figure of natural refinement.

Lasa is characterised by a warm white background on which a symphony of grey veins and copper and bronze flecks follow in an oblique direction, enlivening a highly decorative material with a strong identity.
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Scapin Group surfaces - Ecotone - Poseidon

An interplay of bold lines and veining distinguishes Poseidon, whose grey texture stands out against the crystalline white background. It is a highly versatile surface that can be used in any environment, brightening it up and adding character.

A symbol of refinement and elegance, the black Crono, whose white and bronze veins create an alchemy of contrasting tones, effectively suggests a continuous and eternal metamorphosis.

New surfaces, available in glossy or matt finishes, in a 320 x 155 cm format and 2 cm or 3 cm thick, which, thanks to their strong character, help define any project, responding to an uncompromising aesthetic.

Milano Design Week
April 16th - 21st 
Milano Salone del Mobile - S. Project Hall 01 booth F08
Marmo Arredo Showroom – Via Santa Tecla, 3, Milan
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Scapin Group surfaces - Ecotone - Crono

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