Sculptural and Minimalist. The Pantheone Audio Speaker

The new high-resolution sound system combines art with music

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12/05/2021 - Pantheone Audio, a new Australian design firm that focuses on creating beautifully designed pieces of art and décor that also serve as state-of-the-art sound systems, presents its first product in the United States, Pantheone I. A meticulously handcrafted design that combines sound, form and art, Pantheone I is the largest Alexa-enabled sound system that is built into a minimalistic, handmade resin sculpture that seamlessly fits into home interior designs.

Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, where the oculus allows light to flood into the temple, the Pantheone Audio team has been developing the company’s premiere design for over four years to mirror this motivation by filling each space with a timeless, curved silhouette and perfect acoustics. 

“Our team at Pantheone Audio is moved by beautiful, handcrafted designs that complement their surroundings. We created Pantheone I to achieve this by developing a speaker system that can fill a room with clear sound, without taking away from the space’s aesthetic,” said Adani, founder and CEO of Pantheone Audio. “There is no other product like Pantheone I. Instead of looking like a traditional sound system or speaker that clashes with other home décor, Pantheone I combines art with music by boasting minimalist, sleek design that can fit into any space while still providing quality sound.”
Sculptural and Minimalist. The Pantheone Audio Speaker 2

Hand-crafted and Timeless Design
Winner of a prestigious 2020 Red Dot design award, the symmetrical, sleek design of the Pantheone I was created to complement other home art, sculptures and furniture. Available in black or white, the resin speaker housing is created from a single mold, then hand polished to ensure nothing distracts from its curves. It has a minimalist aesthetic that looks stunning on the floor as a centerpiece of a modern home, amplifying and blending in with the colors of the furniture standing next to it.

Embedded Superior Sound
Built into Pantheone I’s handcrafted design is a powerful audio system that provides exceptional sound quality achieved with the state-of-the-art acoustic engineering. It streams high-resolution audio thanks to its powerful internal subwoofers, two Hi-Fi mid-range drivers and four tweeters, which allow the product to fill any room with a 360-degree, clear stereo sound.
Sculptural and Minimalist. The Pantheone Audio Speaker 3

The Pantheone app (iOS and Android) allows users to control the system through their phones or tablets. This makes it simple for users to change songs and adjust sound from any room as well as enjoy other features including sleep mode and multi-room player, which allows up to eight Pantheone I devices to be paired. Its built-in Alexa functionality also lets users manage the system and their smart home automation integrations through voice commands. Users can also easily access streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, or iTunes through Pantheone I.

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Sculptural and Minimalist. The Pantheone Audio Speaker 4

Sculptural and Minimalist. The Pantheone Audio Speaker 5

Sculptural and Minimalist. The Pantheone Audio Speaker 6

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