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25/02/2020 - Sculptures of light whose illumination transforms spaces through dynamic lighting and shadow effects. The latest lighting collections by Terzani Abacus, Argent, Atlantis, Mizu, Moirè, Oscar, Pug - play with the materiality of opal glass, with the reflections of metal and crystal.
Sculptural and Sparkling Shapes Play with Light 2

Abacus | Multiplying luminescence | Design by Draw
Used for centuries as the tool to both teach and communicate mathematics, the abacus was found in one form or another across the ancient world. At Terzani, we saw the beauty in the abacus’ mathematical purity and clean, functional design. In the hands of Terzani’s craftsmen, we’ve turned this inspiration into a new collection of modular pendant lamps whose flexibility allows for complex and beautiful configurations. Each module, or strand, of Abacus contains a custom set of round, hand-blown opal glass which emit a soft and uniform light. And, as the original abacus was used to calculate everything from simple addition to complex formulas, we’ve retained the same scalability. Due to its customization, our Abacus light is just as suitable in a home as a commercial space, and its almost infinite configurations makes sure you always come up with the right solution.
Sculptural and Sparkling Shapes Play with Light 3

Argent | A precious cloud | Design by Dodo Arslan
With this new suspension light, designer Dodo Arslan creates a shimmering cloud. Argent consists of metal discs that have been meticulously shaped by hand by Terzani craftsmen into clusters. Once lit, the multiple, angled surfaces of the discs emanate a soft, shimmering glow.
Sculptural and Sparkling Shapes Play with Light 4

Atlantis | A precious wave | Design by Barlas Baylar
Seemingly alive, Atlantis’ shimmering light creates a vibrant source of energy. Its mesmerizing, organic effect is created by hundreds of illuminated lengths of draped, nickel chain. Like water in the ocean, Atlantis’ chains appear liquid, cascading over its gloss nickel bands and falling down towards the abyss before turning back into itself. Atlantis is composed of almost three miles of chain, meticulously hand-crafted by master italian artisans.
Sculptural and Sparkling Shapes Play with Light 5

Mizu | Flowing light | Design by Nicolas Terzani
Inspired by the tranquil and mesmerizing light refractions created by water, Mizu is a customizable pendant light from Terzani. Like water droplets, no two Mizu are alike, each crystal shape is unique and made meticulously by hand. Using only the clearest crystal, Mizu perfectly emulates water’s refraction of light, casting amazing patterns around the room, reminiscent of flowing water.
Sculptural and Sparkling Shapes Play with Light 6

Moirè | Movement with pattern | Design by Christian Lava
A French term derived from silk with a rippled or “watered” appearance, moirè is an optical effect that results in the illusion of waves or the movement of water. This effect is achieved by having an opaque, ruled pattern overlaid over another. Designer Christian Lava’s studies of this effect have led to his latest design aptly titled, Moirè. Using overlapping grids of plastic, this LED pendant light dynamically changes shape following the viewer’s gaze, practically coming to life with a vibrating energy. Available in multiple configurations, Moirè is a mesmerizing addition to any room.
Sculptural and Sparkling Shapes Play with Light 7

Oscar | A Tribute to Niemeyer | Design by Dodo Arslan
The great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer once said about his work: “Architecture was my way of expressing my ideals: to be simple, to create a world equal to everyone, to look at people with optimism, that everyone has a gift.” Inspired to pay tribute to one of the founders of modern architecture, designer Dodo Arslan has created a series of lights named “Oscar”, which pay homage through their adoption of Niemeyer’s signature sensuous curves. Available in a floor, table, and standing format, Oscar consists of glass orbs delicately held by curved brass.
Sculptural and Sparkling Shapes Play with Light 8

Pug | Multum in parvo | Design by Jean-François Crochet
Pugs are a dog described as “much in little”, referring to the greatness of their personalities despite their diminutive size. Inspired by the Pug’s charm, designer Jean-François Crochet created the Pug pendant light whose protruding spherical lights are reminiscent of a pug’s face. As with the breed, the Pug pendant packs significant charm and beauty into a small package. Illuminated by LED light, these glass pendants are framed by two brass bands. With Pug, it’s easy to bring a new best friend (or pack of friends) into a home.
Sculptural and Sparkling Shapes Play with Light 9

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