Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons

'My ambition is to see artistry, freedom and ingenuity through future collections'

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Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons
27/04/2017 - Sebastian Wrong returns at Established & Sons as Design Director. One of the founding members of the innovative British furniture design company in 2005, Wrong returns to lead a creative agenda for Established & Sons that will honour the original philosophy of the brand, while taking its culture of design collaborations to ambitious new levels. Established & Sons @ Salone del Mobile 2017

Established & Sons @ Salone del Mobile 2017

“Established & Sons works with designers in a way that is unique in the world. It’s a distinct process, I’m passionate about it, and I am honoured to be leading it again. We’ve always looked for ways to champion an emerging generation of design talent, as well as collaborating with established practitioners at the forefront of the industry,” says Sebastian Wrong. “My ambition is to see the founding principles of artistry, freedom, ingenuity and a pursuit of the extraordinary flourish through future collections. I want our new designs to astonish - watch this space.” Established & Sons @ Salone del Mobile 2017

Established & Sons @ Salone del Mobile 2017

From 2005 to 2012, Wrong oversaw many of the iconic designs that have defined the Established & Sons approach. His role was instrumental in shaping the identity of the brand, and his own designs, which include Wrongwoods furniture, the Heidi stool, Font Clock and Convex Mirror, have remained bestsellers. Established & Sons @ Salone del Mobile 2017

Established & Sons @ Salone del Mobile 2017

The appointment comes as the company enters a phase of renewal and regeneration, with a new team, new commercial approach and a change in leadership. In 2016 three experienced entrepreneurs with a passion for design took the helm as company directors. They are Vincent Frey, of Parisian design house Pierre Frey, Patrick Mueller-Hermann, an experienced management consultant, and Ramzi Wakim as their investment partner. Together, the team combines deep knowledge of the industry with hands-on operational, strategic and financial expertise, providing the business with a solid foundation from which to grow further.

Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons

Wrongwoods Wrongwoods


This range of furniture was produced in collaboration with British artist Richard Woods. These wood-block, hand printed, storage units are reminiscent of the simplicity of 1950’s furniture, its straightforward angular construction is a solid partner for Wood’s eye-catching wood grain print.

Font Clock Font Clock

Font Clock

The iconic flip mechanism calendar clock is given a twist with an ever-changing display of twelve different typefaces.

Heidi Heidi


The Heidi is a fun stool that takes its inspiration from the classic tractor seat and the rustic, threelegged, timber milking stool.

Convex Mirror Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror

As a playful take on the rearview mirror, this enlarged and yet familiar form references both pop art and minimalist sculpture.
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