Sedes Regia Celebrates the Inner Child Within Us at Maison&Object Paris

Bright in color, bold in shape, almost fictional furniture

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Sedes Regia Celebrates the Inner Child Within Us at Maison&Object Paris
02/08/2019 - Sedes Regia is all about childhood at Maison&Object 2019 – whether we are talking about one’s age or the inner state of being. With bright in color, bold in shape, almost character-like pieces of furniture Sedes Regia suggests that we all can benefit from a bit of fantasy, authentic joy and playfulness whether at home or at the office. The visitors of Maison&Object are invited to the Hall 6, Stand M140 - O139 to meet with vibrant Bunny and Ops! Junior.

Unpretentious and cute Bunny shares positive vibes with the surroundings. Although associated with a cute domestic animal we play with as kids, Buuny can in fact be a decorative piece for a modern office, a stylish shopping mall or a lounge area at school. Sedes Regia, Bunny

Sedes Regia, Bunny

Changing its pink fluffy fur with textured wool fabrics can dress it for any occasion. Different height of the soft backrest segments shape Bunny’s animal-like silhouette. Its bulky, soft, round details create firm yet comfortable support and invites to relax. It is like a friend who is always in a good mood, introducing a grain of playfulness in our lives.

Ops! Junior is the first model in Sedes Regia’s home collection dedicated exclusively to kids. It is an unexpected interpretation of a rocking chair that can be transformed into entire playground! 3 removable pillows and an arched base can be used to build a fort, a bridge over a magical river or in any way the little one’s imagination suggests. Sedes Regia, Ops! Junior

Sedes Regia, Ops! Junior

Colorful pillows and the seat are covered with soft textured fabrics to make Ops! Junior a cozy haven to have a moment to relax after playtime. Ops! also has variations for grown kids – an extraordinary collection of rocking chairs of exceptional styles – from disco to glamour and even outdoors. And it has plenty of space to invite a loved one or a friend to rock together. The true generator of happiness!

Sedes Regia on Archiproducts.comSedes Regia, Ops! Junior

Sedes Regia, Ops! Junior

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