Sensible Use of Solar Energy

The awning model markilux 620 is now available as a solar-powered unit

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26/05/2020 - Vertical blinds prevent interiors from becoming overheated in the summer. Moreover, in the winter they help to make savings on conventional heating costs. A solar module is now ensuring additional energy efficiency in the vertical roller blind markilux 620. It is linked to a battery and provides CO2-neutral electricity for the electric motor.

Every day, the sun produces enormous amounts of energy. It therefore makes sense to use this energy for electrically operated devices and systems. This is why awning manufacturer markilux is now offering one of its vertical roller blinds with the “sundrive” solar module. It is equipped with a battery which powers a 433 MHz RTS motor.

Thus using clean energy free of charge
“We are already using solar energy to power the shadeplus function of our ‘pergola model’. And now also with the markilux 620 up to a size of two and a half by three metres. Because this also enables the vertical blind to be powered electrically without mains power. And all that without emissions and free of charge,” explains Michael Gerling, Director of R&D and Production. In effect, solar energy itself ensures that it does not enter the interior of the house. He also explains that it is advantageous to be able to do without laying electric cables which is required to operate of conventional motors.

Module works in normal daylight
The 'sundrive' solar panel is attached to the front of the blind's cassette. It is only 47 centimetres in width and six centimetres in height, at a thickness of just five millimetres. With 3.2 Watts, it even works when it is facing north and it is cloudy, explains Michael Gerling. “Normal daylight is all you need to supply sufficient electricity to the connected battery with its capacity of 2.2 Ampere hours,' he stresses. Once the awning has been installed, it charges itself independently with the help of the solar module although it is always initially charged while still in the markilux factory. There is sufficient energy to extend and retract the awning many times without the battery discharging.

The powerful motor can be operated by RTS radio transmitter and is compatible with all standard RTS controls, Mr Gerling adds. A thermal cut-out mechanism also prevents the motor from overheating. The motor and the battery are housed in the slim-line cassette and connected by a power cable so that no electrical connections are visible from the outside. 2,514 characters


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