Shapes, Textures and Colors

Patricia Anastassiadis for Artefacto

20/03/2020 - Brazilian architect Patricia Anastassiadis presents her third eponymous collection for design brand Artefacto this March in São Paulo, Brazil. For this new body of work called Edition 2020, Anastassiadis has established a dialogue between her past and previous collections realized for the Brazilian furniture brand by enhancing her commitment to creating timeless furniture as well as her aim to design products characterized by timeless aesthetic and functionality.

For Edition 2020, Patricia Anastassiadis takes inspiration from three complementing inclinations that conceptually translate into the design of the new pieces particularly through shapes, textures and colors.

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Japan-­ness evokes the power of a simple yet elegant design as it reaches for lightness and comfort through clean lines and shapes. Food for Thought celebrates the importance of feeding one’s mind and how this can reconnect us to a basic need at the origin of the human being. Arp pays tribute to the genius mind of French-­German artist Jean Arp, one of the most prominent authorities of the European abstract movement in the early years of the 20th Century. The superlative volumes of the human body in Arp’s sculptures and paintings have inspired the creation of Anastassiadis’ ergonomic and comfortable pieces.

Simplicity, elegance, lightness and comfort. This furniture has been realized with the power of design in mind and this is illustrated through the clean and pure shapes. These form sort of Japanese minimalistic structures infused with a poetic dynamic between emptiness and fullness. In particular, Anastassiadis’ Geta modular sofa is inspired by Japanese clogs and exhibit rails that allow the seats and support table to slide horizontally over the base frame. Modularity, movement, Yin-­‐Yang, complementarity.

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Food for Thought 
The search for a reconnection between human beings and their ancestral origins is the common thread of these designs. Our body's nutrition spills over into the brain prompting human sensory fields to break thresholds in unimaginable ways, but with an intuitivism that determine who we are. Form, function and emotion. The Toffee side table awakens the immediate desire for vision which triggers the palate by guiding all the other senses in the same direction.

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Inspired by the very early German Abstractionism movement of the 20th Century, the body of work that falls into this category is a tribute to Jean Arp, famous for his soft shapes and patterns. Ergonomics and functionality are achieved here through a complex study of sculptural forms, deconstructed geometries, light and shadows. Arp’s superlative volumes of the human body unfold in humanized furniture pieces. The Arp chaise is the centerpiece of this group where imponderable edges transport our imagination to the natural world, free from the artificialities of industrialized civilization.

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