Sharing Memories in Comfortable Chairs

Vincent Sheppard @ Maison & Objet 2019

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Sharing Memories in Comfortable Chairs
13/08/2019 - Vincent Sheppard promotes the beautiful moments spent together. The word ‘chairing’ brings two passions together and is at the same time the focus of the company: sharing memories, moments, and life itself in comfortable chairs that help you do so.  Vincent Sheppard, Loop Longe

Vincent Sheppard, Loop Longe

Vincent Sheppard's outdoor furniture range consists of highly qualitative designs which will add character to your outdoor area. Discover the new indoor and outdoor collections that will be launched at Maison & Objet 2019!


Titus Vincent Sheppard, Titus

Vincent Sheppard, Titus

With Titus, Vincent Sheppard reimagines the use of rattan in its furniture. With its cane back, the chair is a contemporary reinvention of a well-loved mid-century design. Light and air can flow through the caned surface casting fine-patterned shade across the room. The black stained oak frame contrasts beautifully with the natural rattan back and adds warmth thanks to its unique wood pattern. With its simple yet refined design, skilfully crafted cane and warm wood, Titus creates a visual lightness which will enhance its surroundings at any time.

Finn  Vincent Sheppard, Finn

Vincent Sheppard, Finn

Shaped to the curves of the human body, Finn exudes pure elegance with a sense of timeless beauty. Its high backrest and outward-bending armrests offer maximum support while creating a beautiful slim profile. With its hand-woven rattan seat and industrial powder-coated steel base, the chair offers a sophisticated balance between authentic warmth and industrial design aesthetics.

Achille  Vincent Sheppard, Achille

Vincent Sheppard, Achille

The Achille dining table is a blend of clean straight lines with authentic irregularities. The nuts and cracks in the solid oak wood give the table a rustic look and emphasize the material’s natural beauty. Every table top has its own pattern which only attributes to the uniqueness of the Achille table. Combined with its sleek black powder coated steel frame, the table is the perfect example of well-balanced design. To fit your personal style best, you can even choose your table base and table top finishing. Choose between an A-base, X-base, or square base and three varnishes to create your own Achille table.


Kodo  Vincent Sheppard, Kodo Collection

Vincent Sheppard, Kodo Collection

Inspired by the versatile possibilities of mingling different materials into unique designs, studio segers created the Kodo collection. Ceramic, industrial aluminium and tactile acrylic rope play the lead roles throughout the collection. These materials are weather-resistant and add a contemporary feeling to the furniture while the soft curves and rounded backs exude a warm and inviting ambience. Find a quiet place and disconnect in the comfortable furniture. Touch, feel, and experience the delicate weave and snug cushions, while enjoying a drink indoors or outdoors.

Loop  Vincent Sheppard, Loop Longe

Vincent Sheppard, Loop Longe

Injecting your home with terracotta hues, a tone between orange and brown, is the new trend for next season. Therefore, Vincent Sheppard has brought out their Loop collection in warm earthy terracotta. Adding a touch of colour to your outdoor seating area has never been easier! In terms of design, the see-through chairs offer a light and airy look to any veranda or terrace, allowing air to circulate through the tautly strung construction. However, it’s not only about the looks. Our loop collection offers amazing functionality as well. Because of its light weight, you can easily move your Loop furniture around, allowing you to follow the sun effortlessly. In addition, the Loop chairs’ stackability contributes to the collection’s flexibility. Simplicity with a modern edge! The limited-edition indigo Loop range consists of a dining chair, a lounge chair, a footrest and a side table.Vincent Sheppard

Vincent Sheppard

Vincent Sheppard, Kodo Collection

Vincent Sheppard, Kodo Collection

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