SilentLab Acoustic Rooms at Orgatec 2022

New functions for the MICROOFFICE collection, such as pro-cognitive lighting, air conditioning, a new type of graphic control panel and much more

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26/10/2022 - On occasion of Orgatec 2022 the Czech company SilentLab presents its MICROOFFICE® acoustic rooms with new functions, such as pro-cognitive lighting, air conditioning and much more. 

We are pleased that SilentLab will again be present at one of the largest fairs in Europe. Our products are globally unique not only in terms of their design, but also in terms of their know-how and there is no competition for them abroad. As a Czech company abroad, we are also representing the quality of professionals and products that come solely from the Czech Republic,” said SilentLab co-founder Jaroslav Vendl. 

Pro-cognitive lighting – one advantage of pro-cognitive lighting that is now being installed by SilentLab in its MICROOFFICE®, is an increase in concentration, i.e. support for cognitive performance, vigilance and alertness.  

Air conditioning – equipment developed to manage the temperature of air brought into the environment of an acoustic room in cooperation with The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU (UCEEB). This equipment, the first in its category, can, without condensate, cool the environment by 4–5ºC. 

Graphical control panel – a new type of control panel with an option for more precise and user-friendly control of lights and ventilation in the acoustic room. 

SilentLab presents new products at Orgatec in an area of more than 300 m2, including the MICROOFFICE® REALM wellbeing acoustic meeting room. It had its world premiere in Chicago at the NeoCon fair, where it won the gold prize, Best of NeoCon 2022. Its purpose is to provide an employee with a pleasant and undisturbed environment for work and rest. The range of acoustic meeting rooms, whose concept is unique on the market, has therefore been supplemented by a product that provides a brand-new is of the working environment. Visitors to the Orgatec fair will also see the MICROOFFICE® UNIQ acoustic single box from SilentLab. This year, the company won a prestigious international prize at the IF Design Awards, the oldest designer awards, handed out for the first time in 1954. This global first in the field was a great international success for Czech design. SilentLab also presents additional new products, such as a MICROOFFICE® acoustic room with maximum acoustic dampening and built-in equipment to prevent bugging. It is primarily appreciated by demanding clients that hold important meetings at which protecting trade secrets is a priority. At Orgatec, also a MICROOFFICE® with increased mechanical resilience while retaining top-quality functional parameters. Companies can place it in the more demanding conditions of production and logistics space.


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