SilentLab Unveils New MICROOFFICE

A groundbreaking workplace evolution from a dynamic team of acoustics experts

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23/10/2018 - SilentLab unveils MICROOFFICE, the sound solutions for the workplace, at Orgatec 2018.
MICROOFFICE UNIQ, the larger MICROOFFICE CUBIQ and the modular MICROOFICE QUADRIO are self-contained private workspaces ready for use in any office, without the need for structural modifications or renovations. By merging cutting-edge acoustic technology with an iconic design style, SilentLab has developed a solution that ensures silence and privacy while integrating seamlessly with its environment.
'People in today’s workplaces struggle with excess noise and a lack of privacy. SilentLab is pioneering solutions for these problems,' says cofounder Jan Kanka. 'MICROOFFICE UNIQ, CUBIQ and QUADRIO are a true revolution in the work environment. After years of research and development, we’ve created a completely incomparable design. There’s nothing else like it,' adds cofounder Jaroslav Vendl.
The MICROOFFICE product family offers a multifaceted approach to office acoustics: forward-thinking original designs, proven acoustic performance, and an innovative new ventilation system. Sophisticated details and top-tier materials provide plenty of opportunities for clients to add their own creative input to the design process. 'We manufacture MICROOFFICE in-house, and so we are able to offer plenty of colors and high-quality material choices to complement all types of workspaces,” says Kanka.
Each model boasts its own signature strength: the glass ceiling of MICROOFFICE UNIQ lets in plenty of natural light, while CUBIQ is ideally sized for a variety of interior furnishing arrangements, and QUADRIO’s modular construction allows users to create multiple different configurations. Architects Vojtech Kaas and Jan Kalivoda, the masterminds behind the eye-grabbing designs, commented, “The three MICROOFFICE models deliver exceptional acoustic performance inside and out.” As a result, many of SilentLab’s clients enjoy boosts in productivity of up to 10 percent each month.
SilentLab will be showcasing the MICROOFFICE line at ORGATEC, taking place in Cologne, Germany later this month. Visitors can experience UNIQ, CUBIQ and QUADRIO for themselves at SilentLab’s exhibition, located at Hall 10.1, Stand F028.

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