Like Silent Dwellers in an Urban and Suburban Landscape. Silos Collection by Studiopepe

A collection of low tables designed for Uniqka celebrates the fusion of architectural inspiration and artistic expression

15/05/2024 - Milan-based design studio Studiopepe presents the Silos Collection for Uniqka, a series of low tables that celebrates the harmonious union of architectural influence and artistic expression.

Uniqka's new collection of low tables was unveiled at Milan Design Week 2024 at Archiproducts Milano, Via Tortona 31, as part of the AQUA project curated by Studiopepe. Each piece in the Silos collection has a unique character. Vegetable-tanned leather legs provide a grounding connection to nature while contrasting tops in different materials - smooth travertine, supple leather, warm wood and refined metal - add a personal touch.
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Uniqka, Silos Collection

Inspired by the stoic charm of silo structures, Studiopepe translates the essence of these industrial giants into a collection of pure, sculptural volumes. Curved surfaces dance with light and shadow, creating a sense of poetic movement. Leather upholstery in earthy neutrals or bold hues further emphasises the clean lines and allows for many material combinations.

Options include smooth travertine, supple leather, warm wood and refined metal for a natural elegance and tactile experience, while the diverse palette will suit every preference and interior aesthetic.

Available in three sizes, the Silos Collection reveals its rich variety of finishes. Fitting into different environments, from the serene sanctuary of a bedroom to the inviting embrace of a lounge or the cosy ambience of a living room, these low tables enhance any setting.
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Uniqka, Silos Collection

Each silhouette holds a story waiting to be told, a tale of refined elegance and timeless sophistication. The industrial-inspired aesthetic blends smoothly with materials that celebrate the beauty of nature, creating a visual that transcends time and trend.

With a whisper of artisan finesse and meticulous ingenuity, the Silos collection extends a heartfelt invitation to wander, enticing visitors on a magical journey into a realm of grace and elegance.

Uniqka on Archiproducts.com
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Uniqka, Silos Collection

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Uniqka, Silos Collection @ Archiproducts Milano

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Uniqka, Silos Collection @ Archiproducts Milano

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