Simple geometric shapes and reflective materials

Flos presents new lamps designed by Michael Anastassiades

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29/04/2015 - Michael Anastassiades presents Captain Flint, Copycat and Notch, three new lamps designed for italian brand Flos. Lighting, mirrors, and tabletop objects reside between industrial design, sculpture and decorative art. Deceptively simple, yet meticulously detailed, they betray his training as a civil engineer and industrial designer.

Shiny surfaces combined with simple geometric shapes like tubes, oblongs and spheres, articulate architectural spaces. He often chooses reflective materials – such as mirrored glass and polished bronze – that appear to dematerialise his objects, to float independently, interacting with the space surrounding them.
Simple geometric shapes and reflective materials 2

'With Captain Flint I wanted to design a light that had a dual purpose. To be an up-lighter illuminating the space with enough ambient lighting, while at the same time to be rotated and direction down; to become a dim companion for reading. The notion of balance is prominent in this fixture, a cone resting delicately on its point in a rotating horizontal metal rod. The base is in marble, bringing an element of preciousness, stability and presence.'
Simple geometric shapes and reflective materials 3

'Copycat is composed of two spheres just touch each other. One small, in a precious metal, placed under the 'shadow' of the large one, in illuminated glass.'
Simple geometric shapes and reflective materials 4

'For Notch lamp I like to think that there is a parallel between lighting and jewelry. They both draw attention and enhance beauty. Or perhaps they help define something essential, marking the focus where things matter most. If you look at the definition of 'pendant', its speaks of both worlds: 'A piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn round the neck' and 'a light designed to hang from the ceiling'.

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