Sleek and Minimalist: the New Cassette Lamp by Luceplan

The Milanese showroom hosts the latest collection designed by Daniel Rybakken

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02/10/2020 - Luceplan takes part in the initiatives of the City of Milan to restart design through a program of physical (as well as virtual) presentations, gathered under the heading of Milano Design City.
For the occasion, Luceplan has invited the designer Daniel Rybakken to come to Milan and to present in the monobrand showroom at Corso Monforte 7 the latest collection he has designed, the new Cassette family of lamps, as well as tracing back through the most important moments in a long-term collaboration, which have led to the creation of other iconic collections.
The theme of the displays at Corso Monforte is “Geometry of light in the design of Daniel Rybakken,” because this is the leitmotif of the creations by Rybakken for Luceplan: the magical interaction between the luminous body and its effects, in the context of a rigorous, essential aesthetic where geometry and clean forms play a central role.
Sleek and Minimalist: the New Cassette Lamp by Luceplan 2

Cassette is the result of research on form to generate a slender, minimalist technical lighting fixture with a large, uniform luminous surface, as well as an object ready for composition on multiple levels, communicating an appealing sensation of depth. The height of the external frame projects shadows on the matte white surface inside. The opening in the surface makes it function as a “passe-partout” with respect to the light below, defining its silhouette. The distance between these two levels transmits a sensation of depth when the light is off, while during operation they seem to be on the same plane. The two parts work together to create the three-dimensional figure of the object from a two-dimensional arrangement. The white color and matte finish create a backdrop for a composition of light and shadow produced by the geometry of the forms itself.
Though the product responds to typical design requirements and can be inserted in a wide range of architectural contexts, the design – clearly reflecting the style of Daniel Rybakken – gives it a decorative appearance. The luminous motor is the result of an optical “packet” driven by the use of edge-lit LED technology. The body is composed of an extruded aluminium frame and a sheet (passe-partout) equipped with a central circular cut that emits light into the surrounding space.
The product is available in four sizes. The opaline optical packet contributes to create a comfortable white, luminous effect both on and off. The lamp is supplied @3000K or in the tunable white version. A special accessory can be used for built-in installation, permitting regular protrusion of the frame (from 0 to 10 mm).

Sleek and Minimalist: the New Cassette Lamp by Luceplan 3

Sleek and Minimalist: the New Cassette Lamp by Luceplan 4

Sleek and Minimalist: the New Cassette Lamp by Luceplan 5

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