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Tonelli design 2015 collection

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06/08/2015 - The Tonelli design 2015 collection includes furniture and accessories that stand out for their versatility, artisanal finishes, 3D effects, and modular elements. The use of smoked glass and wood make these items particularly elegant and evocative. The new collection features designs by Arrighi and Nisco, Paolo Grasselli, Leonardi_Marinelli, Emilio Nanni, Favaretto and Partners, Karim Rashid and Andrea Tempestini.
Lapsus, design Arrighi e Nisco
Lapsus is an extending table with tempered glass top, supported by a solid wooden base available in canaletto walnut or mat RAL lacquered. Together with Tonelli’s technical department the designers have created an opening and closing mechanism, which permits the extension of the table in all its length with extreme ease and safety. The table top is available in extraclear or transparent glass.
Perseo, design Paolo Grasselli
A classical dining table where glass and wood help and enhance each other. The structure’s constructive lines become visible thanks to the crystal’s transparency, while the wood reminds us of architectural memories and supports the product’s qualified versatility within its surroundings.
Gotham, design Leonardi_Marinelli
The Gotham table collection, with its simple form, is made of a console, coffee table and side table. The distinguishing mark is the smoked glass used for the external frame of each product. This recurring feature creates a strong complementarity between Gotham’s elements and enriches them with refined details, such as the “see, don’t see” effect of the internal black wooden drawers, equipped with soft closure and smoked mirror front. Gotham may be integrated with induction battery charger.
Partner, design Emilio Nanni
Synthesis of two elements in one functional and elegant object, “Partner” is a modular wall mirror with a cylindrical wooden pivot sticking out as coat hook. Set upon a mat white lacquered wooden back panel, this mirror can be positioned in four different directions. The hook is available in walnut, ash, or white, green, red or blue.
In-fila, design Favaretto and Partners
In-fila is a wall paneling made of a wooden panel in mat white or Ral lacquered wood wherein various glass shelfs in extraclear glass may be positioned, available in three dimensions: 30, 60, 90 cm. The possibility of putting in line or overlap several panels and enrich them with further glass accessories, such as mirrors and containers, make the “In-fila” a paneling of great versatility inside the domestic environment.
Kart, design Karim Rashid
Introduced in New York in 2014 to celebrate 10 years of cooperation with Karim Rashid, Kart will be one of the 2015 collection’s star. Kart is a bar trolley with big glass wheels representing the design’s bearing and iconic elements. The structure, entirely in glass, allows to catch a glimpse of the silhouettes of the objects put inside.
Guidoriccio, design Andrea Tempestini
Inspired by a medieval motif of Siena’s municipal palace, Guidoriccio gives a traditionally two-dimensional object such as the mirror an innovative three-dimensional effect. The design’s main character is the frame, made of a black wooden back panel surrounding the reflecting elements and giving the entire parallelepiped composition a three-dimensional impression.

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