Snowsound Shapes Sound @ NeoCon 2019

Flat and Botanica are the company's latest sound-absorbing solutions

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Snowsound Shapes Sound @ NeoCon 2019
30/05/2019 - Snowsound brings two new designs to NeoCon 2019. Forms and colors will give shape to the acoustic performance designed by the company for contract spaces. Botanica by Snowsound

Botanica by Snowsound

FLAT - design by Alberto and Francesco Meda
FLAT is a line of sound absorbing panels with Snowsound Patented Technology. Defined with a clear architectural footprint characterized by a clean, minimalist design with a perfectly plane front surface. Two different irregular shapes come together to create innumerable arrangements, from the purely geometric to bold, unexpected compositions. The front surface has a visually weightless appearance, and most of its depth in the rear portion. With its hinged supporting arm, FLAT can be tilted and rotated as if it were a weightless sheet of paper to achieve different solutions. The wall brackets are fitted with a rear metal hinge that grants rotation and inclination. The panels have an irregular contour and allow the creation of infinite compositions including rectangular or square shapes. The divider is made up of twelve FLAT panels set against each other and supported by a chromed tubular steel structure mounted on a painted metal base.

BOTANICA - design by Mario Trimarchi
BOTANICA is composed of a leaf shaped panel held by chrome metal supports that can be fixed with different inclinations and proposed in combination with different load-bearing structures. BOTANICA is available in three versions: wall, ceiling-mounted and free-standing. The panel in the single version can be anchored to the wall with the chrome-plated steel bracket. The modular frames combine lengthwise for wall installation or ceiling-mounting, and are fabricated in chrome-plated tubular steel, characterized by a 3D curvature of the tube. In the ceiling-mounted version, the frame comes complete with adjustable cables for anchoring. In the free-standing version, the panels are supported by a chrome-plated tubular frame with a powder coated steel base.

Snowsound USA at NeoCon 2019
10 - 12 June
Booth 7-5018

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