Soft clay, velvety Corian, polished marble

Hammam, the new multisensory collection by Rexa

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Soft clay, velvety Corian, polished marble
14/03/2016 - The clay, baked , pink, soft, materic, spread or made in planks and tiles, combined with velvety white Corian or the white polished marble, is the new material that Rexa introduces to create a peaceful environment where you can indulge in a regenerating embrace of water and vapor. Clay, a new material for a well-structured and complete collection. Hamman is a collection that introduces in Rexa the clay as a precious material able to recreate atmospheres of well-being and beauty. A multisensory collection composed by a modular system that gives total freedom of expression designing the bathroom area in all areas of the house.

The collection: materials and structural elements really innovative
The new collection Hammam by Monica Graffeo brings back to the atmospheres of the Hamman and of the Onsen, the Japanese comfortable bathroom, creates a charming and sensory place where the functional aspects have also deeper meanings. An intimate place, where to stop and relax in contact with the matter, shrouded in steam through an atmosphere composed by fragrances, soft light, silence and beauty. The Hamman collection designs a bath of total well-being through a coating that creates a visual and functional continuity between the elements that constitute it, a place light spreads out and warm colors remember earth, desert and nature. The bathroom area can be integrated with other rooms, thanks to innovative structural elements such as the wall that divides the spaces: on one side a bedroom cabinet and on the other side a wall system for the bathroom useful for channeling and piping systems.
The materials
The warm clay is matched with white and contemporary Corian, and shiny and smooth marble, with an intense link with the memory and tradition. Clay, Corian and marble are the materials chosen for the coatings like boiserie, dividing walls, floors and shower trays; Corian and spread clay are the materials for bathtubs and washbasins. The flexible and structural system lends itself to be interpreted freely in the design and customization of the bathroom area, creating a visual and functional continuity between the various elements. Coatings can be fitted with shelves and permit to find technical solutions for new or existing installations, simplifying refurbishes or respecting installation’s restrictions.
Structural elements
Floor shower tray
The shower tray, such as the floor, is considered like a structural and functional element. The water may overflow filtering through the slats to the underlying steel container. In the same way the bathtub, placed on the floor made by planks of clay, marble or Corian , allows the complete immersion of the body without problems for the possible water leakage. The shower tray, made by clay tiles or planks in Corian, continues to be coating even to the sink area for a total hammam ambient.
The boiserie, which ensures a visual continuity of the environment, is also a structural element able to take different functions, from the anchoring of shelves and containers to the fittings’ housing and installation of lamps.
Back shower
The back of the shower can be arranged to place a sliding door that divides the room managing various types of functions: water source, installations, lighting.
Wall: partition-container-case for pipes
There are also innovative structural elements, able to design different spaces, which permit to include the bathroom area in other areas of the home, as for example the wall that divides the room and in the same time can be also a wardrobe , usable for 50% from the bedroom, and for the 50% from the bathroom like case for pipes and plants.
The washbasins made in Corian, available in three dimensions, and the bathtub have coatings or parts of it in spread clay.

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