#stayhome with Francesco Meda

'I think in this tragic moment we can think of products that might help us to deal with the most immediate of problems'

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31/03/2020 - In these uncertain times of global emergency, to #stayathome is the imperative necessity. With all of us confined to our homes, we have to get used to a different daily routine, somewhere between kitchen sink and working desk, where time drags on and patience becomes the only virtue. Can this “suspended time” be transformed into opportunity and can creativity help us to see a light at the end of this tunnel and imagine a future beyond the coronavirus crisis?
Another episode in our series about the thoughts and reflections of designers during the lockdown. This time it’s Francesco Meda to answer our questions about personal experiences and life under lockdown.
Francesco, how is this situation affecting you, your life and your work?
I’m in Tuscany for seventeen days now, I was already here on the weekend of March 6, the beginning of the quarantine and the closure of Lombardy. I decided to stay here with my two year old daughter Palma, surrounded by nature. It’s an unusual and fortunate quarantine.
This tragic moment, however, had a severe impact on my work. Important projects were canceled, like an installation that I should have curated for the Salvatore Ferragamo stores in Milan during the Design Week, or other projects that would have been presented at the Fuorisalone. And there are many more projects with various companies that will need to be rescheduled.
How did you organize your working space?
My working space has changed completely. I’m no longer able to work on the computer in my studio. I am limited to video calls in order to stay in contact with clients and to oversee the development of projects in the final stage.
Can this “suspended time” be transformed into opportunity for designers and planners? And if so how?
I think in this tragic moment we can think of products that might help us to deal with the most immediate of problems. I have always been interested in new technologies and I appreciate the contribution of various designers who are experimenting with 3D printing, trying to replicate urgently needed parts of machinery such as intensive care respirators.
Are there new projects born from this particular situation?
All projects that I can think about are answers to immediate needs. Right now we need face masks, protective goggles and gloves in order to stay safe and stop the spread of the infection. In this particular field there are numerous possibilities to improve and be more efficient on a global scale.
How do you spend your spare time?
When I’m not working I try to take my mind off these things and turn to nature: clearing weeds, taking care of the garden.

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