#stayhome with Lucie Koldova

"Hold on and be creative!"

15/04/2020 - In these uncertain times of global emergency, to #stayathome is the imperative necessity. But can this “suspended time” be transformed into opportunity and can creativity help us to see a light at the end of this tunnel and imagine a future beyond the coronavirus crisis?

Another episode in our series about the thoughts and reflections of designers during the lockdown. This time it’s Lucie Koldova to answer our questions about personal experiences and life under lockdown.
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How is the current situation affecting your life and work
I am not free to travel and move, my daily life is not as dynamic as usual. I have moved out of Prague.

I do worry about glass craftsmen I work with, it is very difficult period for glass blowers and similar craftsmanships which can literally die out during this tough times when companies have to dismiss people. On the other hand, since I have a very small baby girl and her little brother, the slowdown of my pace was inevitable at some point. However, I didnt wanna slow down this much!
How did you organize, or reorganize, your workspace?
I chose to stay away from our capital city - I have spent already one month in the countryside to stay safe with my family. My studio works from home and I have my mind, sketchbook and laptop with me wherever I go. I keep on working from my daily walks in the nature and try to maintain ongoing projects, some of them are suspended at the moment.
I do miss my studio and our creative talks with my team, the buzz of the city, my inspiration, my excitement.
Could this “makeshift” be transformed into opportunity for planners and designers? And if so how?
As people work from home they perceive things around differently, their values and needs may change, this can transform their vision. This might be a good input for designers. I think I might find new inspiration in seemingly primitive things, we will need to adapt to a new situation and who will adjust well and appropriate, will win.
Are there new projects born from this particular situation?
I think it is too early to say, so far everyone is observing the situation how deep we fall. None knows what will come after, therefore hard to expect new opportunities. Nevertheless, I keep on with my creativity and can not wait to move on.
....and will take the opportunity to experiment more when the situation allows so. Every crisis brings new beginnings. There can be some cultural shift and the world might not come back to 'normal'.

How do you spend your spare time?
During the days I am with my kids, trying to do things which I do not practice during the working weeks - baking or home decorating.
This is a very busy, intense and also happy period of life for me whether I work or not.
This suspended time is great for a personal growth, for thinking about deeper topics, for all activities we normally do not have time for.
Do you have any suggestions for your colleagues and others?
Hold on and be creative!
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