Structural by Arik Levy

Architectonic light sculptures for Vibia

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Structural by Arik Levy
03/05/2017 - The STRUCTURAL lighting collection designed by Arik Levy for Vibia is based on the combination of cubic volumes that together create integrated sculptures within the architecture of the spaces where they set.

Through the playful combination of direct and indirect lighting STRUCTURAL provides a powerful magical light that bathes walls and other surfaces with an intense lighting effect. STRUCTURAL deconstructs the light sources and integrates them with the architecture, placing the light in unexpected locations while generating impressive compositions of elements.

The different elements of the collection that includes sconces, ceiling lamps, wall-wall lamps and wall-ceiling lamps provide subtle variations in lighting effects. New and unexpected configurations are made possible. The light can be introduced to the corners of a room or the junctions of perpendicular planes between wall and ceil ing surfaces.

The LED light sources are accommodated within aluminum boxes, providing an intense light that avoids glare. The volumes are linked by square section metal profiles that allow the sources to be separated in space and form an integral p  art of the overall composition.    

There are three finishes available: white, graphite and cream.

Light sculptures that become integrated with the architecture. STRUCTURAL could only have been designed by the magnificent teaming of Arik Levy and Vibia.

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