Ocean Plastic and Post-Industrial Material: Path, the Sustainable Task Chair by Todd Bracher for Humanscale

‘A new path forward’ in design, prioritizing the manufacturing of products that push forward the use of sutainable materials

29/06/2022 - Ocean plastic, post-consumer plastic bottles, and post-industrial material: this is Path, the world’s most sustainable task chair by Humanscale desinged by Todd Bracher and the Humanscale Design Studio

Each Path sustainable task chair by Humanscale contains almost ten pounds of ocean plastic, a majority of which are reclaimed fishing nets, the most harmful of all ocean plastic. In addition to being a continuation of Humanscale’s commitment to sustainability, the chair builds on the brand’s pioneering seating technology, which uses the sitter’s weight and form to adjust perfectly to every body without the need to operate complicated manual controls. The task chair’s design and functionality also seamlessly integrates into a variety of interior spaces for homes and businesses alike.
Path Sustainable Task Chair by Humanscale 2

Path Sustainable Task Chair by Humanscale

“Humanscale was founded on the idea that design has the potential to bring joy, health, and comfort to people’s lives,” remarks Humanscale Founder and CEO Bob King. “Design must also play a critical role in reversing the damage done to our environment. The Path chair represents ‘a new path forward’ in design, prioritizing the manufacturing of products that not only create comfortable, beautiful working environments, but also push forward our use of sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. Path joins 25 other products in our line that go beyond net zero, and are certified climate positive. This means each Path purchased removes 6 kg of CO2e from the atmosphere, replenishes 15 gallons of water, and generates 23 kWh of energy.”

The Path chair is certified climate positive and the most sustainable task chair on the market because of both its composition and manufacturing process. 

The chair’s aluminum components are made from 100% post-consumer or post-industrial waste and its 3D-knit textile approach results in zero-waste manufacturing and provides the product with consistent quality. Intentional, smaller box packaging means more chairs per truckload, saving fuel and materials while also being less cumbersome to residential customers. Moreover, Path is specifically designed to be easy to assemble, disassemble, and recycle at the end of its life.
Path  Sustainable Task Chair by Humanscale designed by Todd Bracher and the Humanscale Design Studio  3

Path Sustainable Task Chair by Humanscale designed by Todd Bracher and the Humanscale Design Studio

Designed in collaboration with Todd Bracher Studio, Path’s minimal silhouette and streamlined technology challenge industry standards of virtually complex mechanisms that require manual adjustment. Path is offered in a variety of textile options, including fabric, leather, and an innovative 3D FormSense Eco KnitTM that is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester; it is also available in 32 colorways. Responding to the work-from- home movement and “resimercial” contract interiors, Path’s aesthetics facilitate a high degree of creative expression for any interior design scheme. 

Path’s newly patented recline mechanism represents the latest iteration of Humanscale’s pioneering seating technology that self-adjusts to users and offers an instantly tailored sitting experience for the widest diversity of people. 

Path is Todd Bracher Studio’s third collaboration with Humanscale, who has partnered with the pioneering brand since 2007 on pushing forward designs that are increasingly sustainable, inclusive, and compelling. “Path was born from the vision of delivering world class inclusive ergonomics, responsibly considered, into a relevant user experience for contemporary work culture,” Todd Bracher, Founder of Todd Bracher Studio says. “We sought to develop a quiet design solution that is perfectly in tune with the versatile nature of modern office architecture while making no compromise on its ability to solve complex and critical ergonomic needs.”
Humanscale unveils Path Sustainable Task Chair 4

Humanscale unveils Path Sustainable Task Chair

Path sustainable task chair by Humanscale joins 25 other Humanscale products in being recognized by the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge (LPC) as certified climate, water and energy positive. This third-party certification verifies that Path measurably gives back more than it takes to make, setting a new benchmark for responsible manufacturing. In line with the brand’s commitment to healthy materials, Path is toxin-free and comes with transparency labels from both Declare, provided by the International Living Future Institute, and the Health Product Declaration® (HPD).

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