Tacchini Reissues the Pigreco Chair by Tobia Scarpa

The graduation project designed in 1959 explore the concept of dynamism through a triangular structure

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07/07/2021 - Tacchini reissues the Pigreco chair by Tobia Scarpa, the first product designed by the architect in 1959 as a graduation project at the end of his studies in architecture at the University of Venice. The chair is the result of the designer’s early youthful intuitions. He wanted to create an object that could convey a “sense of space”, representing the concept of dynamism in a product.

After so many years, I look at it and [...] to me, personally, nothing has changed. In my opinion, I don’t feel the need to express whether there is a “better” or a “worst”, for me it is always the same chair”, says Tobia Scarpa.
The technical construction requirements led Scarpa to design a seat canonically composed of four legs, two of which are very close together, so as to guarantee solidity while remaining faithful to the concept that initially inspired it: the triangular shape.
Pigreco still stands out today thanks to its two characteristic “sister legs”, joined by a simple horizontal element that increases the structural strength of the seat. This design choice gives the chair and its technical and stylistic features a unique lightness in which nothing is revealed but everything is explicit.
The curved back rests on the legs of the seat and the triangular arrangement of the latter shows perfect balance, inspiring Scarpa to declare that “in the field of chairs, I don’t see what else is left to be invented, but this seems to me to be more than enough”.

In particular, the backrest is positioned directly on the load-bearing elements, assuming a curved and enveloping shape. An aspect that is formally complicated to think about but, in reality, easy to accomplish through the union of five curved wooden layers that not only allow a technical performance that is difficult to achieve in any other way, but at the same time confer a visible and decorative graphic signature.

The new edition of Pigreco is available in new finishes and materials to better fit into the context of the contemporary home. Pigreco is reissued in the Canaletto walnut finish, also in a limited edition, and in the ash wood finish in the shades of walnut or dark grey. The upholstered cushion is available with a leather or fabric cover.


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