TECU® Gold for the new residential project designed by Arons en Gelauff

Copper facades cladding the traditional Amsterdam canal-side housing

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TECU® Gold for the new residential project designed by Arons en Gelauff
07/01/2019 - Amsterdam's island Oostenburg and the area of Wiener & Co. in particular, has a rich history of shipyards and slipways. The transformation of the area to a new residential quarter is organized around a circuit of 'slopes' and 'courts' and there is access to the waters of the Oostenburgergracht. The new houses - designed by the architects Arons en Gelauff - with their facades clad in TECU® Gold have an orientation perpendicular to the water, inspired by traditional Amsterdam canal-side housing.
The project was built according to the highest sustainable measures possible: cold-heat exchange, high insulation and balanced ventilation. Thus TECU® Gold for the facades fits perfectly into the design and building principles. Like all copper products it can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality. TECU® Gold is an alloy of copper and aluminium and will soon after installation begin to develop a very elegant matt brown-golden appearance referencing gold in a very specific way.

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