Texture, Color and Scandinavian Aesthetic

Astrid to brings the eyes to the world of textiles

19/02/2020 - Astrid brings texture and color to interior spaces of all kinds. They combine a Scandinavian design aesthetic with the highest quality European production to create textile collections that are both timeless and modern. Drawing inspiration from nature and cityscapes, from fashion to art to everyday life, Astrid brings their unique eye and experience to the world of textiles.
On the occasion of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020 Astrid developed three collections in recycled polyester and Trevira CS. They are made of GRS certified polyester (a global standard for recycled goods). Two sheers Harrietta and Felice and one dense –Nicola. They also unveild a collection in recycled wool – Paolina.
Texture, Color and Scandinavian Aesthetic 2

Other news are their collections based on the same warp: Savona, Levanto and Biella, they are made of soft washed linen in different bindings and inspiring colors. Also on the same theme they are developing a new version of their longtime favorite California – working name is California Net applying to it’s net like structure.
For upholstery Astrid presented Benito - a double width linen fabric with 25.000 Martindale, Ponza - a strong linen with 100.000 Martindale, Moretti - a wool bouclé in three soft colors. Finally, Axel - their best seller in stone washed linen fabric comes in 7 new colors.
For curtains and decorations, they presented four new collections on double width: Yoko - a jacquard linen and cotton blend, Valencia – a washed crinkled linen and Parma – a slimmer version of their Modena Mano Morbida all perfect for bed spreads. At last but not least an Astrid team favorite, Torno – a luxurious mohair wool and linen textile. For the contract market Astrid has a new exciting collection - Siena, in Polyester FR. A dense equal-sided fabric available in a large color scale.
Behind the scenes, Astrid continually works to ensure sustainability. Their production is carefully planned to minimize spillage and eliminate unnecessary chemicals. Their goal is to use their natural curiosity and passion for textiles to offer the most beautiful fabrics with the cleanest conscience.
Texture, Color and Scandinavian Aesthetic 3

Many of their collections are produced in linen, which is a particularly attractive material from a sustainability perspective. Not only is linen a durable material, but all parts of the plant can be used and are entirely biodegradable and recyclable. Linen cultivation does not require water and the linen plant is exceptionally resistant to disease.
When fire safety and ease of care are priorities, fabrics made of flame-retardant polyester such as Trevira CS has an advantage on the contract market. All their Trevira CS products are woven with yarn certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. They are now developing three new collections in recycled polyester and are working to ensure the fabrics are reused or recycled at the end of their life cycle. Their fabrics are not treated with flame-retardant, spot resistance (fluorocarbons) or antibacterial agents.
Texture, Color and Scandinavian Aesthetic 4

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