Versatile and Playful: the New Collections for the Office by Mizetto

From a trio of colourful trays, to a flexible modular shelving solution

30/06/2022 - During Neocon in Chicago, Mizetto presents their playful collection of design and accessories for the office. From the small–a trio of colourful trays, to the expansive–a flexible modular shelving solution. Through its creative, idea-rich design processes, Mizetto’s pieces pay homage to Småland’s traditions offurniture making, with use of wood in firm focus. 

Among the novelties presented to the Chicago audience are the Edit shelf collection and the Beside shelfing unit on wheels.

Edit designed by Studio Nooi is a versatile and playful shelf with user interaction at its core. Graphical to look at and practical to work with, it allows the user to create personal and unique compositions and visual games like a piece of art. A groove running along the shelf with two partition s inserted helps to support items as well as creating little barriers between objects, books, frames, and other items.
Beside by Studio Noon 2

Beside by Studio Noon

The shelf can be described as a simple product with a twist, allowing a more dynamic pproach to an otherwise static product. With time and personal touch, each Edit collection becomes spatial and can be modified by adding, moving, removing, and adjusting the items on it. With Edit, alone or in a group, one can easily add a splash of color to the office or domestic environment. The combination of oak veneer and powder coated metal in a wide range of warm and earthy tones sends a strong message of modern interior design with a Nordic touch.

Beside by Studio Nooi is a shelfing unit on wheels, an office trolley-system based on modules to perform and perfect every need a modern workspace has. On its main body structure a variety of accessories for the office can be attached and hung, such as shelfs, hooks, drawers, pen-organizers, and magazine-racks. By attaching and organizing shelfs in different configurations many different needs can be met.
Mizetto, Edit by Studio Nooi 3

Mizetto, Edit by Studio Nooi

The separate units can be attached to each other, forming a sideboard, a bench, or a wider storage solution on wheels. And on its own, Beside collection is the perfect helper and storage unit for the modern office when one needs to move around and readjust the space. Beside comes in two different heights and a combination of wood and metal, lacquered in a variety of colors. The perfect way to customize and personalize parts of the office space. 

The complete collection is designed by by Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita at Nooi, based in Turin, Italy. As usual Mizetto’s products are produced locally in Småland, Sweden, with handpicked partners resulting in minimal transportation and packaging.

Mizetto on Archiproducts.com
Mizetto, Edit 4

Mizetto, Edit

Edit by Studio Nooi 5

Edit by Studio Nooi

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