Tenon: Embrace a New Way to Work and Live at Home

Beflo unveils fully adjustable, modular smart desk at ICFF 2024 in New York

15/05/2024 - Beflo, a leading innovator and designer of desks and productivity solutions, introduces Tenon at ICFF 2024 in New York City. More than just a tabletop, Tenon is a fully adjustable, modular smart desk designed to transform the home office.
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Beflo, Tenon

With four height-adjustable legs, the Tenon smart desk is ergonomically designed for comfort and incorporates uniquely adaptable features. These features include a touchscreen control panel, built-in power and USB ports, customisable ambient lighting and smart sensors that detect a presence at the desk. Scent diffusers are also included to create the perfect aroma to improve workflow.

"The Tenon smart desk embodies everything Beflo strives for the best possible materials combined to produce a comfortable, customisable design optimised for a more functional and versatile way of living and working," commented Beico Chiu. "The Tenon perfectly exemplifies our core philosophy – to be in the flow of all activities at home."

Adaptive, Elegant Comfort

The Tenon uses four whisper-quiet motors hidden in its legs to raise an ergonomic, scratch- and water-resistant desktop in either oak or walnut. The work environment can be raised to 47 inches (119 cm) to reduce back pain, increase overall comfort and boost mood and energy levels.
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Beflo, Tenon

Built-in USB-A and USB-C ports and a headphone jack are conveniently located for easy access, while bevelled edges reduce wrist strain after a long day of typing. Integrated power outlets for computers and accessories keep the workspace tidy and clutter-free.

Total Wellbeing

Every detail is designed to enhance the work-from-home experience. A customisable ambient light gently reminds users when they have been sitting too long and an integrated touchscreen control panel adjusts height settings and lighting.

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Beflo, Tenon

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Beflo, Tenon

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